Apr 20, 2019  

Student Life

Thomas C. Shandley, B.A. (Simpson), M.A. (Bowling Green), Ph.D. (Minnesota), Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students


Denise Allen, Executive Assistant
Ernest Jeffries, B.M., M.Ed. (University of South Carolina), M. Div. (Hood Theological Seminary), D. Min. (United Theological Seminary), Assistant Dean of Students
Kathy Bray, A.B. (Davidson), Associate Dean of Students
Diana Miller, B.S. (North Carolina State), Staff Assistant
Rebecca Taylor, B.A. (Davidson), M.S. (Texas A&M University), Assistant Dean of Students

Center for Career Development

Nathan Elton, B.S. (The Ohio State University), M.Ed. (Pennsylvania State), Director


Jamie Johnson, B.A. (Ambassador University), M.S. (California State University, Northridge), Associate Director for Career Development
Jeff Kniple, B.A. (Cornell University), M.A. (University of Maryland, College Park), Associate Director for Employer Relations
Julie Lucas, Office Manager
Jamie Stamey, B.A. (Belmont University), M.Ed. (Belmont University), Assistant Director for Internships
Tiffany Waddell, B.A. (Wake Forest University), M.A. (Wake Forest University), Assistant Director for Career Development
Vacant, Recruiting Coordinator

Chidsey Center for Leadership Development

Julia Baker Jones, B.A. (Carleton), M.B.A. (Stanford), Director


Cayce Blackley, B.S., M.A. (Appalachian), Assistant Director
Amber MacIntyre, B.A. (NC State), M.A. (UNC Charlotte), Program Coordinator

College Chaplain

Robert Spach, A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (Virginia), M.Div. (Princeton Theological Seminary), D.Min. (Columbia Theological Seminary), Chaplain


Linda Gurley, Staff Assistant
Karen Soos, B.A. (Virginia Tech), M.Div. (Catholic Theological Union), Associate Chaplain and Catholic Campus Minister
Michael Shields, B.A. (University of Albany), M.R.E., M.A.H.L. (Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion), Associate Chaplain and Campus Rabbi

College Union

William H. Brown, B.A. (Davidson), M.C.E. (Presbyterian School of Christian Education), Director


Latisha Casey, B.A. (NC Central), Stage Technician
Ed Daugherty, B.S. (Davidson), Director of Davidson Outdoors
Amy Elkin, B.A. (St. Andrew’s), Switchboard Operator
Bridget Ely, Staff Assistant
Ruth French, A.A. (Oldenburg), Information Services Manager
Mike Goode, B.S. (Davidson), M.Ed. (Oregon State), Assistant Director of Davidson Outdoors
Brandon Kincaid, Senior Stage Technician
Ashley Owen, B.A. (Wofford), M.Ed. (Vanderbilt), Program Adviser
Alex Miller, Assistant Technical Director
Byron Miller, B.A. (Davidson), Stage Technician
James L. Nash, B.A. (Miami University-Ohio), Technical Director
Michelle Navas, B.S. (Davidson), M.A. (Appalachian), Program Adviser
Gina Nossel, Staff Assistant
Laura Parsons, A.A. (Vincennes), Switchboard Operator

Tim Stroud, B.A. (Furman), M.P.A. (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Assistant Director for Operations
CT Talevi, B.A. (Davidson), Ticket Office Manager
Erica Urban, B.A. (Carthage), M.Ed. (Baylor), Patterson Court Adviser

Center for Civic Engagement

Stacey Riemer, B.S. (St. John Fisher), M.S. (University of Rochester), Ph.D. (Syracuse University), Associate Dean of Students and Director of Civic Engagement


Kristen Booher, B.A., M.A. (Boston College), Director of Community Service and Bonner Scholars
Kyle Goodfellow, B.A. (Gustavus Adolphus College), M.S. (Minnesota State University), Program Coordinator
Mary Alice Katon, B.S. (Skidmore College), MS. (Fitchburg State College), Director of the College Advising Corps
Christa Leimbach, B.A. (Indiana University), M.Ed (University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Director for Civic Engagement Programs
Sandy Poole, Staff Assistant
Ashley Sherrill, B.A. (Eastern University), M.A. (Wake Forest), Director of Freedom Schools

Disability Resources

Nance Longworth, B.S.W. (East Carolina), M.S.R.C. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director of Academic Access and Disability Resources​

   Mallory Hall,​ B.A(UNC Charlotte),  Administrative Assistant

Multicultural Affairs

Tae-Sun Kim, B.A. (Lawrence University), M.A., Ph.D. (Michigan State University), Director of Multicultural Affairs


Erica Naylor, B.A. (University of Louisville), Staff Assistant

Residence Life

Jason Shaffer, B.A. (Pennsylvania State) M.Ed. (James Madison), Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life

Shanoya Conner, B.S. (Appalachian State), M.Ed. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), Area Coordinator/ Sophomore Experience
Kristen Harwood, B.S. (Johnson & Wales), Office Manager
Emily Julian, B.A. (Denison), M.S. (Miami U), Area Coordinator/First Year Experience
Brian Lackman, B.A. (Chestnut Hill), M.S. (Oklahoma State), Area Coordinator/Residential Curriculum
Mary Ann Shessler, B.S., M.S. (Northern Illinois), Coordinator of Budgets and Facilities
Walter Snipes, B.A., M.Div., (Emory University), Associate Director of Residence Life
Ory Streeter, B.S. (Towson), M.A. (University of Delaware), Area Coordinator Assessment
Debra U. Young, A.A. (Central Piedmont), Coordinator of Housing and Operations

Student Health and Counseling Center

Trish Murray, B.S. (Geneva), M.A. (West Virginia), Ph.D. (South Carolina), Director of Student Health and Counseling


Elizabeth Allred, B.A. (Virginia), M.P.H. (UNC Chapel Hill), Licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
Suzanne Brown, B.A. (Davidson), M.P.H. (Duke), Physician’s Assistant
Laurie Bumgarner, B.S. (Davidson), M.D. (Bowman Gray), Physician
John Brunelle, B.A. (Virginia), M.S. (Florida), Ph.D. (Virginia Commonwealth), Counselor/Psychologist
Lisa Collard, B.A., M.A. (Marshall), Counselor/Psychologist/Eating Disorder Specialist
Donna Coombs, R.N. (New Hampshire Technical Institute), Registered Nurse
Colleen Fea A.A. (Union County), B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Registered Nurse
David Graham, B.S. (LeMoyne), M.S. (Syracuse), Ph.D. (UNC Charlotte), Counselor/Coordinator for Minority Outreach
Michelle Mitrani, A.S. (Champlain), R.D.T.R.N. (Palm Beach Community College), Registered Dietetic Technician Registered Nurse
Janet Poole, A.R.R.T. (Carolinas Medical Center), R.N.C. (Central Piedmont Community College School of Nursing), Assistant Director of Student Health
Sarah Prince-Carleson, B.A. (Wooster), M.D. (Wright State), Physician
Anne Renfrew, R.N. (North Tees Hospital School of Nursing), Registered Nurse
Georgia S. Ringle, B.A. (Newcomb), M.P.H. (Tulane), Health Educator
Vicki B. Sherrill, R.N. (Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing), Registered Nurse
Jennifer Weber, Administrative Assistant
Craig White, B.S. (Davidson), M.D. (Harvard), Chief Physician
Julie Whittington, B.S. (Richmond), M.S. (Winthrop), Licensed Registered Dietitian
Paula Wilhelm, C.M.A. (Central Piedmont Community College), Administrative Assistan