Mar 20, 2019  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Relations

Eileen Keeley, A.B. (Davidson), Vice President for College Relations


David M. McClintock, A.B. (Davidson), Director of Principal Gifts
Debra Rutkowski, B.A. (Kent State), Executive Assistant

Advancement Operations

Catherine Serrin Niekro, B.A. (University of Michigan), M.S.J. (Northwestern), M.B.A. (Central Michigan), Associate Vice President for Advancement Operations and Director of College Special Projects

Danielle Strickland, B.A. (James Madison), M.E.D. (University of Arkansas), Director of Advancement Communications

Kim Cline, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director of Operations


Whitney Durham Franklin, B.S. (University of Alabama), Gift Records and Data Specialist I
Christine Goodwin, B.S. (Ohio University), M.S. (University of Tampa), Associate Director of Advancement Internet Solutions and Training
Amy Morand, B.A. (Catawba College), Staff Assistant
Ellen Morrissey, B.S. (Davidson), Business Analyst and Database Manager
Stacey Perek, B.A. (Western Illinois), Data Records Specialist II
Stephanie Roberts, B.S. (Southern Evangelical Seminary), Gift Records Specialist II
Kristen Tuttle, B.A. (Notre Dame), Associate Director of Operations
Vacant, Business Application Analyst

Alumni Relations

Marya Howell, A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (Stanford), Director


Lauren Biggers, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Assistant Director
Yolanda Gilliam, Staff Assistant
Julie Lucas, Staff Assistant
Betsy McIntyre, Staff Assistant
Ashley Neff, B.A. (University of Florida), M.A. (Pennsylvania State University), Associate Director
Judith Rowles, B.S. (University of Florida), M.ED. (University of Georgia), Assistant Director
Lauren Schassberger, B.A. (Davidson), Alumni Relations Coordinator

Campus and Community Relations

Stephanie Glaser, A.B. (Davidson), J.D. (UNC Chapel Hill), Associate Vice President for Campus and Community Relations

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Patricia Massey Hoke, B.A. (Davidson), MBA (William and Mary), Director

The Fund for Davidson

Lisa Howe Combs, B.A. (Davidson), Director


Caroline Brooks, A.B. (Davidson), Annual Giving Coordinator
Liz Cox, B.A. (Luther College), Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Xavier Hemphill, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Annual Giving Gifts Officer
Caitlin James, B.S. (Davidson), Assistant Director Annual Giving
Alana Juneau, B.A. (UC San Diego), Staff Assistant
Tatum Pottenger, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Davidson Athletic Fund

Gavin Viano, B.A. (Clark University), M.S. (Drexel University), Director


Angela Cerkovnik, Staff Assistant
Jessica Dugaw, B.S. (University of Texas), Associate Director
Jess Melby, A.B. (Davidson), Associate Director


Brad Martin, B.A. (Middlebury), Associate Vice President for Development


Kelly Knetsche, A.B. (Davidson), Campaign Manager
Nancy Laughridge, B.S. (Guilford), Staff Assistant
Kelley Cherry Sink, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director of Special Projects

Donor Relations

Katie Davidson, B.A. (West Virginia University), Director


Sana Klein, B.A. (William and Mary), Assistant Director
Karen Locey, Staff Assistant
Michael Meznar, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Director

Major Gifts

Jeff Prince, B.A. (Virginia Tech), M.Ed. (Vanderbilt), Director


Jason Bourne, B.S. (James Madison University), Major Gifts Officer
Kevin Cook, B.S. (Davidson), Major Gifts Officer
Eleanor Cross Young, A.B. (Davidson), Major Gifts Officer
Dan Drayer, B.A. (Wake Forest), Major Gifts Officer
Jeff Kniple, B.A. (Cornell), Major Gifts Officer
Louise Mohamed, Staff Assistant
Annie Porges, A.B. (Davidson), Senior Major Gifts Officer

Parent Programs

Keatley Scroggins, A.B. (Princeton), J.D. (Samford),  Director


Harriet O. Kessler, B.A. (Texas), Assistant Director
Dawn Smith, Parent and Planned Giving Coordinator

Planned Giving

Gray Dyer, A.B. (Davidson), Director


Susan Cooke, B.A. (Wake Forest), M.P.A. (Virginia Commonwealth), Director


Amy Morand, B.A. (Catawba College), Staff Assistant
Eileen O’Flaherty, Researcher and Prospect Manager

Special Events Office

Jessica Olson, B.F.B. (Auburn), Director


Sara Schoof, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Staff Assistant
Vacant, Special Events Coordinator

WDAV Classical 89.9 Radio

Frank Dominguez, B.F.A. (Adelphi University), M.A., M.F.A. (University of New Orleans), General Manager and Content Director


Joe Brant, B.S. (Michigan State), Announcer/Producer and Operations Manager
J. Rodger Clark, B.S. (University of Maryland), M.Div. (Southern Seminary), Director of Philanthropy and Special Events
Charmaine DeGuzman, B.S. (Bicol University), Clerical Assistant
Sarah Rice Demarest, B.S. (Western Carolina), Director of Development
Tamberly Ferguson, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director of Digital Media and Strategy
Andrea Geisinger, Membership Assistant
Kendra Intihar, B.S. (North Carolina State), Assistant General Manager and Director of Community Outreach
Will Keible, B.S. (Wake Forest), M.B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Director of Marketing and Sales
Mike McKay, B.A., M.Ed. (UNC Charlotte), Announcer/Producer
Myelitia Melton, Announcer/Producer
Amanda Preston, A.B. (Davidson), Marketing Manager
Matthew Rogers, B.A. (Campbell), Associate Content Director, Announcer/Producer
Bruce Scott, B.S. (Indiana University), Production Manager
Edie Surratt, B.A. (Hillsdale), Corporate Support Representative
Ted Weiner, Music Director