Dec 08, 2022  
2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of the President

 Carol Everhart Quillen, A.B. (University of Chicago), Ph.D. (Princeton), President of the College and Professor of History


Erin S. Moreau, B.A. (Wofford College), M.B.A. (Western Carolina), Administrative Assistant
Sarah M. Phillips, B.A. (Davidson), J.D. (UNC Chapel Hill), Vice President and General Counsel
Traci L. Russ-Wilson, Executive Assistant to the President
Patrick J. Sellers, B.A. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D. (Duke), Vice President for Strategic Partnerships

College Communications

Mark D. Johnson, B.A. (DePauw), Chief Communications and Marketing Officer


Gary Bartholomew, B.S. (California State), Assistant Director of Multimedia Production
Vanessa Breese, B.A. (Layfayette), Digital Communications Strategist
Gayle McManigle Fishel, B.A. (Elon), Director of Design
Nathan Hunerwadel, B.A. (American), Social Media and Digital Content Strategist
Doug Minor, B.S. (Keene State), Director of Digital Communications
Winnie Newton, B.C.A. (UNC Charlotte), Associate Director of Design
Lisa Patterson, B.S.J. (Ohio), M.A., M.P.H. (Kent State), Director of Editorial Content; Editor, Davidson Journal
Jay Pfeifer, B.A. (Washington & Lee), M.S. (Columbia), Director of Media Relations
Angenette Rice-Figueroa, B.S. (West Virginia), Director of Marketing Communications
Christina Rogers, A.B. (Davidson), M.S. (Virginia Commonwealth), Associate Director of Digital Content
Alex Smith, B.A. (Radford), Video Specialist
John Stennis Syme, A.B. (Davidson), Senior Writer

Planning and Institutional Research

 Linda M. LeFauve, B.A. (Wells), M.A. (SUNY Buffalo), M.A. (SUNY Geneseo), Associate Vice President for Planning and Institutional Research

  George Campbell, B.A. (Wake Forest), M.A. (Indiana), Associate Director