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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Athletics and Physical Education


James E. Murphy III, B.A. (Davidson), M.S. (Georgia Tech), C.P.A., Director

Richard Agner, B.S. (N.C. State), M.Ed. (University of Texas), Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions
Porter Abell, B.A. (University of Richmond), Assistant Football Coach
Scott Abell, B.S. (Longwood), M.A. (Lynchburg), Head Football Coach
Scott M. Applegate, B.S. (East Carolina), M.A. (Miami University), Associate Athletic Director
Brian Barmes, B.S., M.A. (Appalachian), Equipment Room Manager
Drew Barrett, B.S. (University of Illinois, Chicago), Head Men’s Tennis Coach
Debbie Barteldt, B.S. (Florida State), Administrative Assistant
Joey Beeler, B.A. (Campbell), Sports Information Director
Jon Berlin, B.S. (Mary Baldwin), M.A. (Liberty), Assistant Head Football Coach
Kevi Boykin, B.A. (Wake Forest), Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Jake Brewer, B.A. (Springfield College), Assistant Sports Information Director
Kelly Cameron, B.A. (UNC Wilmington), M.S. (North Georgia), Assistant Women’s Tennis Coach
Lily Carpenter, B.A. (McDaniel), Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Mike Clouser, Men’s and Women’s Diving Coach
Richard J. Cooke, B.S., M.S. (Richmond), Head Baseball Coach, Senior Men’s Administrator
Stephen Crespi, B.A. (Wake Forest), M.A. (Wingate), Coordinator of Intramural Sports
Joey Dance, B.S. (Virginia Tech), Assistant Wrestling Coach
Brenda Daugherty, B.S. (Gardner-Webb), Physical Education Assistant
Nick Decker, B.S. (Ohio State), M.B.A. (Ohio Dominican), Director of Football Operations
Stephanie Demake, B.S. (Worcester), M.S. (Ohio University) Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach
Adam Denton, B.S. (Wingate), Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Susanne Depka, B.S. (Illinois), Head Women’s Tennis Coach
Brian Doyle, B.A. (Providence), Assistant Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field Coach
Will DuBose, Assistant Equipment Manager
Jordan Duncan, B.A. (South Carolina), M.A. (Wingate), Assistant Director of Marketing and Ticketing
Austin Eisenhofer, B.S. (Washington and Lee), M.S. (Jacksonville), Assistant Football Coach
Chad Emmons, B.A. (Ouachita Baptist), M.S. (Henderson State), Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Gayle Coats Fulks, B.S. (Fairleigh Dickinson), Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Terry Gilliland, Women’s Basketball Administrative Assistant
Josh Graham, B.S. (Penn State), Assistant Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach
Chris Hagemann, B.S. (Ithaca), M.A. (Connecticut), Assistant Athletic Trainer
Gracie Hannigan, B.S. (Indiana), M.S. (Ithaca), Assistant Athletic Trainer
Elizabeth S. Hayford, B.S. (Wingate), Assistant Athletic Director  for Athletic Training
Sandor Helfgott, B.A. (Hunter), M.Ed. (Georgia), Director of Physical Education and Campus Recreation
Jamie Hendricks, B.S. (Western Carolina), Assistant Athletic Director for External Relations and Game Operations
Carrie Heyl, B.B.A. (Georgia), M.P.A. (East Carolina), Assistant Director of Ticketing
Emily Hintz, B.S. (Northwest Missouri State), Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions
Mark Hogan, B.A. (Georgia State), Assistant Football Coach
Steven Jackson, B.S. (Shepherd University), Assistant Football Coach
James Janssen, B.S. (Deakin), M.S. (Wake Forest), Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Sarah Jenest, B.S. (NC State), Athletic Business Manager
Kevin Kuwik, B.S. (Notre Dame), Director of Men’s Basketball Operations                       
Chase Landers, B.S. (Appalachian), M.S. (Citadel), Assistant Athletic Trainer
Andy Lausier, B.A. (Lycoming), M.A. (The College of New Jersey), Head Wrestling Coach
Laura Mancuso, B.S. (North Florida), M.B.A. (Liberty), Assistant Athletic Trainer
Tim Maypray, B.A. (VMI), Assistant Football Coach
Ray McCartney, B.S. (Guildford), M.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Assistant Football Coach
Jeff McDaniels, B.S. (Davidson), M.A. (Old Dominion), M.A. (Texas State), Assistant Football Coach
Gavin McFarlin, B.S. (Ashland), M.A. (Pacific), Assistant Sports Information Director
Matt McKillop, B.A. (Davidson), Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Robert McKillop, B.A. (Hofstra), Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Katy McNay, B.S.B.A. (Appalachian), M.Ed. (Georgia), Assistant Athletic Director, Senior Woman Administrator
Ryan Mee, B.S. (Rochester), M.S. (Elmira College), Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Susan Mercer, Men’s Basketball Administrative Assistant
Haley Mitchell, B.S., M.S. (Ohio State), Assistant Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach
Vince Munch, B.S. (Ferrum), Assistant Football Coach
Ryan Munger, B.A. (Duke), Assistant Baseball Coach
Aimee Price, Spirit Program Coach
Will Reigel, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Brian Rosen, B.S. (South Carolina), Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach
Zach Rowell, B.S., M.A. (UNC Pembroke), Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Robyn Scherr-Wells, B.S. (Michigan), M.B.A. (Roosevelt), Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Evan Simon, B.S. (Frostburg State), M.S. (Kentucky), Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Alex Smith, B.S. (Radford), Video Specialist, Sports Information
Caitie Smith, B.A., M.S. (Marshall), Assistant Sports Information Director
Matt Spear, B.A. (Davidson), Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Derrick Spice, B.S. (Wake Forest), M.S. (Concordia), Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach
Jennifer Straub, B.A. (Wake Forest), Director, Track & Field/ Cross Country
Timothy M. Straub, B.A. (Wake Forest), Head Golf Coach
Allen Sutton, B.S. (N. State), M.S. (East Carolina), Assistant Director, Physical Education and Campus Recreation
Rucker Taylor, B.S. (Vanderbilt), M.B.A. (Samford), Associate Head Baseball Coach
Will Thoni, B.A. (Davidson), Men’s Basketball Fellow
Ginny S. Turner, B.A. (William & Mary), Head Field Hockey Coach
Molly Jones Vahrenkamp, B.A. (Princeton), M.S. (Florida State), Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Coach
Renny Waldron, B.A. (University of Massachusetts), Head Coach Men’s Cross Country, Track and Field
Caitlin Walsh, B.S. (Old Dominion), Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Kimberly Wayne, B.S. (Syracuse), M.S. (James Madison), Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach
J. Brian Wheeler, B.S., M.S. (Florida State), Associate Athletic Trainer
Chris Willis, B.A. (Baylor), M.S. (Tennessee), Head Volleyball Coach
John Young, B.A. (Williams), Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach
Dathan Zabel, B.S. (University of Connecticut), Assistant Athletic Trainer
Vacant, Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach
Vacant, Assistant Equipment Manager