Dec 08, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technology & Innovation

Kevin Davis, Chief Information Officer

Jessamyn Donovan, Director, Campus Services
Nick Roberts, Director, Shared Services

Academic Technology
Dre Hopson, AV Systems and Tech Analyst
Brian Little, Application Analyst
Neil Reda, Application Analyst/Project Manager

Administrative Services
Michael Barth, Application Analyst/Project Manager
Selah Bunzey, Application Analyst
Paul DiMarco, Application Analyst/Project Manager
Adam Ferraz, Web Hosting and Accessibility Fellow
Sandy Wierman, Application Analyst

Data & Integration Management
Jaimie Beatty, BI & Integrations Developer
Pete Benbow, BI & Integrations Developer
Johanna Ramirez Suero, BI & Integrations Developer

Digital Transformation
Luke Aeschleman, Digital Transformation Analyst
Tessa Jones, Digital Transformation Analyst
JD Mills, Manager, Digital Campus & Digital Transformation

Digital Campus
Kathi Brooks, Application Analyst
Eddie Nesbeth, Application Analyst

Departmental Operations and Communications
Donna Enroth, Purchasing & Contracts Coordinator
Brooklyn Madding, Communications, Training & Outreach Coordinator
Maribel Tubbs, Budget & Operations Specialist

Enterprise Application Hosting
David Wright, Application Systems Administrator

Identity & Access Management
Abby Creasy, Identity and Access Management Administrator
John Robbins, Identity and Access Management Administrator

John Eggleston, Manager, Technology Infrastructure
Michael Blackmon, Instructional/Research Computing Systems Administrator
Robert Lee, Senior Network Administrator
Anne Pender, Desktop Systems Administrator
Mike Sapp, System Administrator
Jaimee Sellers, System Administrator
Andy Voelker, Network Administrator

Chris Hovis, Information Security Analyst/Program Manager
Chloe Poroslay, Associate Cybersecurity Analyst

User Success
Debbie Alford, Senior User Success Consultant
Matt Flynn, Senior User Success Consultant
Madison Hardaway, User Success Consultant
Matt Jackson, User Success Coordinator
Erik LaRuffa, User Success Consultant
John McCann, Manager, User Success Team
Courtney Potter, User Success Fellow