Feb 24, 2024  

EDU 250 - Multicultural Education

T. Foley, Kim

This course examines the ways in which schools and society in the United States engage with diverse individuals and groups, as well as how obstacles to ever-increasing multiculturalism are rooted in behaviors, assumptions, values, thinking and communication styles.  The course will be taught using the intergroup dialogue model where two facilitators of differing social identity groups encourage dialogue among students about persistent social issues and conflicts related to race, racism, and the intersections of class, gender, sexual orientation, religion and immigration/migration background.  The intergroup dialogue approach to teaching multicultural education is pedagogically unique.  The class is balanced with approximately half of the students self-identifying as White and the other half identifying as Students of Color or racial minorities in the United States and at Davidson College.
Provides credit toward the Ethnic Studies interdisciplinary minor.
Satisfies the cultural diversity requirement.
Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies Social-Scientific Thought distribution requirement. 

Prerequisites & Notes
This course is by permission only and a pre-registration survey must be completed before the instructors determine the final class roster.