Dec 01, 2023  

ARB 240 - Accelerated Persian for Arabic Speakers


Accelerated Persian for Arabic Speakers is a one semester course for students who have already completed ARB 101. Because the Persian and Arabic languages share the same alphabet, on the first day of class students will be introduced to the few additional letters present in Persian. By the next class period, we will begin to focus on sentence structure, verb conjugation, and vocabulary building. Elementary Persian books often state that one of the main challenges of Persian is vocabulary building. However, students of Arabic will not find this to be the case. Arabic and Persian share about sixty per cent similar vocabulary and thus our class will progress at a rapid speed due to the Arabic language background that all students will have. It is expected that both languages will complement the other.  Pre-requisite: Arabic 101

Satisfies a major requirement in the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies’ Arab Studies major

Satisfies a minor requirement in Arab Studies

Satisfies an interdisciplinary minor requirement in Middle Eastern Studies