Oct 15, 2019  

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ARB 331 - Arabic Media & Society


This course is intended to give students an idea of the central issues that the Arab media is interested in covering. As is well-known, a country’s media is considered to be the window that overlooks society’s concerns and thus it provides the people with the tools to raise awareness of these issues as well as provide alternatives and/or solutions. Examining the media enhances one’s understanding of the country’s culture, as well. Important issues will be examined related to women, youth, family, children, and portrayal of homosexuality in the media, as well as the impact of Turkish serials on the Arab media including Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Bahrain, etc. Presentations and compositions are among the requirements. The course is conducted entirely in Arabic. 

Satisfies a minor requirement in Arabic.
Satisfies the cultural diversity requirement.
Counts toward the Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor, the Middle East Studies interdisciplinary minor, the International Studies Interdisciplinary Minor (Middle East sections), and Communication Studies Interdisciplinary Minor.

Prerequisites & Notes
ARB 202 or permission of instructor. (Spring)

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