Sep 22, 2020  

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ETH 238 - Ethics in Professional Life


This course is intended  to foster your awareness of ethical concerns across a wide range of professions (such as law, medicine, journalism, and business); to enable you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various moral beliefs and ethical arguments relative to professional life; and to reinforce your personal sense of compassion and fairness in the context of your future professional roles. Does loyalty to one’s professional clients permit one to ignore at least some ethical obligations that the rest of us would be condemned for violating? What counts as a conflict of interest in various professional contexts? How should physicians deal with tensions between preventing avoidable harms to their patients and respecting their autonomous choices? How far may lawyers go in protecting their clients’ interests? Must they defend clients they know are guilty? May they undermine the credibility of witnesses they know are testifying truthfully? Are business managers solely obligated to maximize stockholders’ wealth? Or do they have moral duties to other “stakeholders” as well?

Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies the Philosophical and Religious Perspectives distribution requirement.

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