Oct 15, 2019  

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ANT 233 - Performing Arts in West Africa


Course in traditional Ghanaian music and dance. Students learn singing, dancing, and drumming at the School of African Rhythm and Dance with a master drummer and several Ghanaian instructors. In addition to the historical and sociocultural perspectives taught by the master drummer, students will visit churches and celebrations that incorporate music and dance. Coursework will include lectures and reading assignments on African performing arts, a reflective and analytical essay, practices, appreciation of performing arts in contemporary sociocultural contexts, and a student performance at the end of the program. This course meets for a minimum of 50-60 semester hours. Graded on a P/F basis.

Satisfies a major & minor requirement in Anthropology with permission.

Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts distribution requirement.

Prerequisites & Notes
Co-requisite: ANT 232 Contemporary Ghanaian Society and Culture (Davidson in Ghana Summer Program). (Summer 2016; offered in alternating years.)

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