Aug 09, 2020  

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SPA 402 - Transformation and Travel in Spain


This interdisciplinary seminar examines the concept of travel, migrations, and pilgrimages in Spain as transformational experiences for the individual. By the end of the semester students will have an appreciation of travel as a process through which an individual leaves the familiar and the comfortable and joins a liminal world of transition as he or she moves towards an experience which ultimately transforms the self. Interdisciplinary primary materials and theoretical approaches from the field of pilgrimage studies. A substantial final research project will be required. Conducted in Spanish.

Satisfies Area III for the major in Hispanic Studies and the cultural diversity requirement.
Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies the Philosophical and Religious Perspectives requirement.

Prerequisites & Notes
Any two literature or culture courses. Limited to juniors and seniors. Priority will be given to majors, then minors. (Spring 2017)

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