Oct 15, 2019  

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SPA 390 - Course in Special Topics


This course will not only guide students in developing cultural analyses of key Spanish films, but also ask them to learn how film works by practicing some filmmaking techniques (equipment provided).  Our study of Spanish film will be enhanced by experiential travel that will deepen our understanding of several films’ cultural context.  Putting into practice the principle that creating is a means of understnading, we will reinforce and expand our understanding of film’s visual language by making short films. Our on-site experiences in different Spanish cities and towns will also give us several different opportunities to think about and arrange mise-enscène, and our use of iMovie will give us the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of film editing. Conducted in Spanish.

Counts as a course in residence towards the major and minor in Hispanic Studies.

Prerequisites & Notes
SPA 260 or its equivalent.  (Not offered in 2016-17)

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