Sep 22, 2020  

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ENG 495 - Seminar: Cleopatra

495G Cleopatra


Cleopatra has endured as an icon from her own lifetime to the present.  Was she among the first feminists or as poisonous as the asp that took her life?  This interdisciplinary seminar will explore the fascination with and manipulation of Cleopatra’s image over the centuries.  Beginning with Stacy Schiff’s recent biography of her, we’ll explore her appropriation by such authors as Plutarch, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dryden, and Shaw, as well as by visual artists and in films like Joseph Mankiewicz’s Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor. 

Satisfies a major and minor requirement in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Prerequisites & Notes
Not open to first-year students and sophomores without instructor’s permission.  

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