Aug 09, 2020  

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ARB 251 - Introduction to Arab Studies


The objective of this course is to attain an interdisciplinary approach to Arab Studies. Students will be introduced to key monographs in the field of Arab Studies, and study issues related to Orientalism as well as the more complicated narrative of the native informer. Various artistic forms from past and present will be studied to engage with this phenomenon. We will pay special attention to those works that overcome the troubling paradigm of native informer. By the end of the semester, students will be able to articulate the leading theories in Orientalism and postcolonial theory from an interdisciplinary perspective. (Course will be conducted in English)

Satisfies a major requirement for the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies major in Arab Studies

Satisfies a minor requirement in Arab Studies

Satisfies the Liberal Studies distribution requirement

Satisfies the Cultural Diversity requirement

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