Dec 16, 2019  

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ARB 327 - Mediating Conflict: Syrian Television Drama and Revolution


Prior to the 2011 Revolution, by subtly deconstructing regime narratives, Syrian political parodies played a vital role in undermining the Asad regime while operating within a framework of government co-optation. Given the regime’s clamp down on oppositional writing, one would expect that Syrian drama would not have survived after the uprising. Yet, the contrary has been true. As the regime has created grand narratives to discount the revolution, drama creators have created storylines that expose hypocrisy and presented various sides of the conflict. In this course we will study miniseries from the commencement of the 2011 uprising, paying special attention to symbols and metaphors that have emerged in drama to serve as socio-political critique.

Satisfies a major requirement for the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies major in Arab Studies

Satisfies a minor requirement in Arab Studies

Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts distribution requirement

Satisfies the Cultural Diversity requirement

Prerequisites & Notes

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