Oct 15, 2019  

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AFR 245 - Africana Religions and Healing in the American South


Africana Religions and Healing in the American South invites students to explore vernacular, esoteric, and healing rituals in the study of religion.  Drawing upon the fields of religious studies, history, anthropology, and literature, students will engage Africana religions beyond traditional spaces of sacred texts, doctrines, theologies, and ecclesial sites.  Instead, the course will explore the complex dynamics of “lived religion” where religion is practical, efficacious, and experiential.  Beginning in the context of Southern slavery, the course will expose students to primary and secondary written texts, visual texts, the spiritual technologies of practitioners and specialists, and the material culture that accompanies alternative modes of spiritual healing and religious meaning.  As a supplement to written texts, assignments, and discussions, the class will take a field trip to Emory University’s Stuart A. Rose’s Manuscript and Rare Book Library for a guided tour by Dr. Randall Burkett through their collection of Africana religious artifacts, ritual paraphernalia, and material culture. We will also take a field trip to South Carolina to the Gullah/Geechee Heritage Celebration in November.  This course has no prerequisites for the Africana Studies or Religion major.  A sample syllabus is available for EPC’s review.

Satisfies a major requirement in Africana Studies

Satisfies a major requirement in Religion

Satisfies the Philosophical and Religious Perspectives distribution requirement

Satisfies the Cultural Diversity requirement

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