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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SPA 330 - Cultural Production and Crisis in Contemporary Spain

Lopéz  Martín

The global financial crisis of 2008, from which Spain still struggles to recover, has also revealed itself as a deep crisis in the realms of social relations and cultural production. Popular initiatives such as the Occupy movement on a global scale or the 15-M in Madrid’s central Sol Square have unveiled the need of new models of coexistence and expression, from both an ethical and an aesthetic point of view. In this course, we will study a selection of visual and verbal texts from a wide array of cultural domains and literary genres (including cinema, music or graphic novel), which reflect and at the same time contribute to this change in cultural sensibility. With the support of critical texts, we will explore key concepts such as mass culture, cultural resistance or poetic commitment/consciousness; furthermore, we will pay attention to the role that emotions and affect play within the texts object of study as elements of social struggle and mobilization.

Satisfies Area II for the major in Hispanic Studies and counts towards the interdisciplinary minor in Global Literary Theory.
Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies the Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric requirement.
Students entering before 2012: satisfies the Literature requirement.

Prerequisites & Notes
Spanish 260 and 270 or their equivalents.