Apr 25, 2018  

Latin American Studies

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Faculty advisory group:

Chair:  Associate Professor Mangan
Professors: Maiz-Pena, Pena, Ringle
Associate Professors: Botelho, Crandall, Willis
Assistant Professors: Boyer, González, Samson


I. Ten courses to include:

a. Introduction to Latin American Studies

e. No more than five courses may be credited to any one department.

f. Senior Capstone Seminar: a lengthy paper that demonstrates an understanding of how different disciplines can inform each other in the study of Latin America.

II. Satisfy the language requirement.

For Spanish:  A 300 or 400 level Davidson College course taught in Spanish or an analogous course transferred, with the approval of the Chair, from another institution.

For Portuguese:  Certification by the Chair, following consultation with a Portuguese language instructor.

III. Study Abroad or other significant off-campus experience

Approved study abroad or other significant off-campus experience in Latin American/Latino communities prior to graduation.  Extended stay in the region is essential for gaining linguistic and cultural fluency associated with an area studies major.  Students may appeal this requirement in exceptional circumstances.


  • One independent study can be included among the electives.
  • One course may be “Partial Latin American/Latino Studies Content.”
  • No more than two course may be counted toward other majors or concentrations.
  • Normally, a maximum of three ungraded courses may come from another institution.  The Chair may approve a greater number under circumstances such as a rigorous year-long study abroad.


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