May 22, 2018  

Physical Education

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Athletic Director: Jim Murphy
Director of Physical Education: Sandor Helfgott

Graduation Requirements

The college maintains a physical education requirement for graduation; however, the program carries no academic credit.  A total of four courses is required: Davidson 101 (required of all students, including transfers, during their first semester at Davidson); Two (2) Lifetime Activity credits (2**, 3**, and 5** level courses) and one team sport credit (PE 4**).  The Davidson 101 requirement must be completed in the first semester of the first year at Davidson.  Students are encouraged, but not required to complete the physical education requirement by the end of their sophomore year. 

Effective August 2011, students are not required to take a beginning swimming class in order to complete their Physical Education requirement. Students that wish to take an aquatics PE course will need to demonstrate swimming proficiency as will students that plan to compete as members of the follwing club teams: Crew, Sailing, and Water Polo.

The Director of Physical Education certifies completion of requirements in Physical Education. Upon completion of all Physical Education requirements, the following transcript notation is entered: “PE Requirements Completed.”

Davidson 101

Required of all first-year and transfer students during the first semester at Davidson.

A twelve-hour course offered in the fall of each year.  Students who do not complete all of the required core hours in their first year will be required to repeat the entire course their sophomore year.  The core topics consist of: Alcohol and Drugs (3 hr. online course); Career Services; Diversity-Celebrating Differences; Library Literacy; Realizing Your Risk; Sexuality; and Student Counseling Center.

Lifetime Activity Requirement

Two courses required. Students enrolled for credit are required to attend 90% of the class sessions. Each absence exceeding the allowed number must be made up. 

While students are encouraged to continue with a subject or activity they enjoy, a class may be taken only one time for credit

200-level courses are designed to provide a foundation for a healthy, physically active lifestyle helping students to find a balance between work and recreation.

300-level courses are aquatics courses designed to fulfill a lifetime requirement upon successful completion of a swim evaluation.

500-level courses are offered in partnership with Davidson Outdoors. Note: not all Davidson Outdoors’ activities meet the PED Lifetime Credit criteria; please verify compliance before taking a course for credit.

Team Sport Requirement

One credit required.

Students can fulfill their team sport requirement through varsity athletics, club sport, or intramural participation. Varsity athletes must be listed on the team’s official roster, while club sport and intramural athletes are required to participate in 75% of the scheduled games and/or practices.

For specific information on sport offerings contact the Director of Clubs and Intramurals.

Additional Information Regarding Physical Education Requirements

Independent Study Programs

The independent study option is limited to exceptional or highly skilled students. Independent programs may be pursued either on- or off-campus under the direction of a trained supervisor approved by the Director of Physical Education and Recreation. Independent studies must be at a minimum thirty hours in duration. Proposals for independent programs must be submitted in writing prior to the start of the program. Credit will not be awarded retroactively.

Varsity Athletes

All varsity athletes are eligible for one Lifetime Activity credit. A second credit will not be given for participation on the same team a second year. A separate lifetime activity course/activity must be taken to fulfill the second credit. A varsity athlete that does not pass the swimming evaluation will take a beginner’s swimming class to fulfill their requirement.

Two sport athletes may earn both of their required credits for their participation in each of their two separate sports

Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs are welcomed by the Department of Physical Education and Recreation. Students with special needs who plan to enroll in a PE class should notify the Director of Physical Education prior to the time of registration, and if necessary, request special assistance.

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