Mar 24, 2018  

Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

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Interim Director: Professor Krentz (Classics)
Associate Director: Professor Wessner (Biology)
Advisory Faculty
Professors: F. Smith (Economics),
Associate Professors: Ewington (Russian), M. Foley (Economics), Kelly (Education), Wills (Religion)
Assistant Professor: Myers (Chemistry)

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS), housed in the Carolina Inn on Main Street, offers a number of interdisciplinary majors that are not offered by an academic department or program. Please see the current CIS web pages for a list of available majors and instructions for how to apply.

CIS majors require careful planning and a two-semester senior thesis. Applicants must show that the necessary courses will be available; they must find two willing and available thesis advisers; they must propose, however tentatively, a workable research project that will lead to a thesis.

There is no guarantee that a student can major through the CIS.

Note: Students in the classes of 2016 and 2017 may propose their own majors (instead of the faculty members submitting a new major curriculum, as described above). Students should begin by contacting the director. Even when a student proposes a new major, it remains extremely important to work closely with the two faculty advisers to develop the curriculum.

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