Dec 01, 2023  

Arab Studies

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Assistant Professor: Joubin
Visiting Lecturer: Botros

Arab Studies Curriculum and Minor in Arab Studies

Placement: Students with background in Arabic prior to entering Davidson may take a placement test and oral examination in order to be placed at the appropriate level.

Foreign Language Requirement: Arabic 201 satisfies the foreign language requirement

Major: Individual students may propose a major in Arab Studies through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Minor Requirements

A minor in Arab Studies requires six courses numbered above 102.  The six courses must include 201 or 202 (or other language courses for students who place above the Intermediate level) and at least three courses in literature and advanced language chosen from the following:  Studies in Arabic Culture (295); Contemporary Arabic Literature (321); Media in the Arab World (322); Contemporary Syrian Television Drama (325); Arabic Media & Society (331); Contemporary Egyptian Society (335); Gender and Politics in Contemporary Syrian Drama (340); Postcolonial Syrian Film (342); Gender Studies in the Arab World (341); Independent Study (395/396); another specialized course in Contemporary Arabic Culture; and one course chosen from HIS 175, HIS 176, HIS 218, POL 241, REL 272, REL 277 or other courses (including at times courses taught by visiting faculty) that deal with the history, society, and cultures of the Middle East.  (In individual cases, the department may approve allowing a second course from that list to substitute for one of the advanced courses in Arabic.)  With departmental approval, students may also count courses taken abroad toward the minor. 

Interdisciplinary Minor: students should note as well the possibility of a focus on the Middle East as part of an International Studies interdisciplinary minor or of an Asian Studies interdisciplinary minor.

Cultural Diversity Requirement: ARB 321, ARB 322, ARB 325, ARB 331, ARB 335, ARB 340, ARB 341, ARB 342

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