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  Jul 25, 2017
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Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

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Director: Professor Lozada
Advisory Faculty:  Professor: M. Foley (Economics)
Associate Professors: Ewington (Russian), M. Foley (Economics), Kelly (Education), Wills (Religion)
Assistant Professor: Myers (Chemistry)

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS), housed in the Carolina Inn on Main Street, offers a number of interdisciplinary majors that are not offered by an academic department or program. Please see the current CIS web pages for a list of available majors and instructions for how to apply.

CIS majors require careful planning, especially in working with advisers to plan their required senior capstone. Applicants must show that the necessary courses will be available; they must find two willing and available thesis advisers; they must propose a workable research project that will lead to a thesis.

There is no guarantee that a student can major through the CIS.

Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

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