Dec 01, 2023  

Computer Science

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Professors: Christian, Davis, Heyer (Chair), Mossinghoff, Neidinger
Associate Professor: Chartier
Assistant Professors: Peck, Ramanujan, Yerger

Minor in Computer Science

The Minor in Computer Science consists of six courses, distributed as follows.

  1. Introductory Programming: one of




  1. Data Structures


  1. Discrete Mathematics


  1. Two of the following five courses:






  1. One additional elective listed in Requirement 4, or an approved independent study or seminar at the 300- or 400-level.

Courses taken Pass/Fail at Davidson College may not count toward the minor in Computer Science.  A grade of C or higher is required in all courses applied toward the minor.


Computer Science Courses

The 100-level courses are introductory and are open to students with no prior coursework in Computer Science.  The 200-level courses are either intermediate courses in fundamental Computer Science, or interdisciplinary introductory programming courses.  The 300-level courses cover more advanced fundamental topics in Computer Science, and typically require one or more 200-level courses as prerequisites.  The 400-level courses involve advanced topics.

Graduate School

Students considering graduate school in Computer Science should include MAT 150, 220, and 230 and CSC 315, 321, 322 and 324 in their coursework, and seek opportunities to engage in research and compete in programming contests.  The Graduate Record Examination should be taken during the fall semester of the senior year.

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