Apr 25, 2018  


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Professors: S. Campbell, Churchill (full-year sabbatical leave during 2014/2015), Flanagan, Fox, A. Ingram, R. Ingram, Kuzmanovich (Chair), Lewis (full-year sabbatical leave during 2014/2015), Mills, Nelson, Parker (full-year sabbatical leave during 2014/2015)
McGee Visiting Professor of Writing: Staff
Associate Professors: Miller, Vaz-Hooper, Fackler
Visiting Assistant Professors: Marshall 

Cultural Diversity Requirement

English 262, 282, 284, 286, 290, 297, 382, and 482 fulfill the cultural diversity requirement.

Major Requirements

 Major Requirements: Ten courses as follows:

1.  English 220 (Should be completed by the end of sophomore year.)

2.  Three historical survey courses:

            English 240. British Literature through 18th century

            English 260 or English 290

(English 260: British Literature, 19th through 20th century, including colonial and post-colonial literature; English 290: World Literatures, a historical survey of selected texts outside the British and American literary traditions.)

English 280. American literature through 20th century

3.  A course in writing, creative writing, or creative practice (at 200 or 300, or 400 level)

4.  Five electives.  Four of the five electives should be at the 300-level or higher, with at least two of the five at the 400- level.


Note: Students who declare a major in English should complete 220 by the end of the sophomore year. The three historical survey courses should be completed by the end of the junior year. Those who cannot meet these deadlines must make prior arrangements with the Chair.

Honors Requirements

The Honors Program requires a 3.5 major GPA and 3.2 overall GPA at the time of application.  It normally comprises twelve courses.  These twelve include two in addition to the ten required of all majors, English 498 and English 499.  To be awarded honors, students must achieve at least a grade of B+ in both English 498 and English 499.

Transfer Courses

The English Department accepts up to five courses from other colleges and universities as credit toward the major.  To be granted transfer credit toward the major, students, after receiving College credit from the Registrar, should make their requests to the English Department Chair and submit for evaluation all relevant course materials.

English Courses

100-level courses satisfy distribution requirements for literature.
200-level courses are introductory literature or creative writing courses.  English 201, 203, 204, and 206 are writing courses and do not count toward the distribution requirement in literature.  English 220, 260, 280, and 290 are designed for majors and prospective majors.
300-level courses are advanced, theory-infused courses designed for majors.  English 301, 303, 304, 305, and 306 are writing courses and do not count toward the distribution requirement in literature.  First-year students require permission of the instructor to take 300-level courses, as do all students taking independent studies (395, 396, and 397).
400-level courses are seminars limited to twelve juniors or seniors with preference to English majors.  English 495, 498, and 499 are limited to seniors.

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