Dec 14, 2018  

Dance Minor

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Assistant Professor:  Bory (Chair)

Envisioning dance as an intrinsic component of the liberal arts, the Dance Minor integrates the study of dance into Davidson’s academic curriculum.  Whether in the studio or the classroom, students approach dance as another lens through which to consider and to understand the world around them.  To that end, each class includes some element of theory and practice, charging students to understand dance as both a physical “way of knowing” and a culturally, historically, and socially-situated meaning-making practice. The Dance Minor then aims to provide students with a range of experiences in Dance Studies and multiple ways of considering the ideas offered in its study from cultural analysis to physical practice to creative exploration.



A minor in Dance Studies requires 6 courses, at least four of which must be taken in residence at Davidson College, including Dance 101, Dance 240, Dance 260, and Dance 340; at least one course from Dance 282 or Dance 284; and one additional elective above the 200 level. In addition to other dance courses, the elective may be taken outside the department, from the selected list below:

THE 121 - Creating Devised Theatre and Performance   




Minors are encouraged to enhance their study at summer dance festivals and intensive workshops. Those that offer course credit, at a university approved by Davidson College, may be applied to the minor. With advance departmental approval, students may count (up to two of) those courses toward the minor. Dance classes are enhanced by attendance at and participation in the dance performances and opportunities offered in the college and local communities. Dance minors should expect to actively participate in these co-curricular activities.

Basic Structure of the Minor

  1. One Introductory Course


  1. Two Technique Classes at 200/300 level



  1. One History/Theory Class



  1. One Composition/Performance


  1. One Elective
    1. Additional Dance Course, including independent study
    2. Summer Study or Abroad, in consultation with the Dance Department
    3. Or Selected Course outside of the Dance Department


Rationale for Course Numbering

DAN 101 and DAN 240 are introductory-level classes that are open to all students.  DAN 101: Introduction to Dance provides a classroom-based introduction to issues and theories in the practice and performance of dance.  DAN 240: Modern Dance Technique I, a studio-based class, introduces the principles and techniques of Modern Dance.

Subsequent courses build on the work and ideas introduced in these classes.

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