Aug 09, 2020  

Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

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The Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Minor no longer accepts students as it will be terminated at the end of the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

he Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Minor at Davidson College fosters the interdisciplinary study of ethnicity and race in the United States of America, with emphases on Americans of African descent, Latino/Hispanic Americans, and Native people, including Meso-American societies. Students may choose from three tracks: Africana, Latin American, and Native American. Courses under these rubrics address histories, literatures, and cultural formations that connect people of African and Latino-Hispanic descent, as well as Native Americans to the broader American landscape. Approved courses usually focus on critical, transnational, diasporic, feminist, queer, historical, or postcolonial perspectives.

Examination of these topics allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the legacies of the original peoples of America, and those who were either brought unwillingly or willingly migrated to these shores. ESI minors learn to appreciate cultural differences, and think critically about what it means to be American,  all of which contributes to their development as good citizens in a multicultural and multiracial country.

1. Completion of six courses that include:

b. Track Selection

Three courses from one track and one course from a second track. At least two of these four courses must be at the 300 level or higher. An approved independent study course may substitute for one of these four courses.

c. Choose one elective from the following:

One course from among the following electives that emphasizes comparative ethnic studies or a course from one of the above tracks (provided that no more than three courses are chosen from a single track). An approved independent study course may substitute for this requirement.


d. Interdisciplinary Minor Satisfaction

Of the six courses applied to the interdisciplinary minor no more than three may also satisfy the student’s academic major. The six courses must also represent no fewer than three academic disciplines.

2. An approved essay

An approved essay based on a first-hand experience or course work directly related to the student’s special focus—Africana, Native American, or Latino. Topics may be related to participation in an internship, field research, or international study. The essay is due to the faculty liaison no later than the fifth week of classes in the semester following the completion of the first-hand experience. Standards for the paper are established by the faculty liaison.

3. A grade of “C” or higher is required in all courses applied toward the interdisciplinary minor.

4. Only one course in any track can be taken pass/fail, and this depends on GPA.

Application Procedure:

The faculty liaison is Dr. Brenda Flanagan. Students must submit a written proposal to the Ethnic Studies faculty liaison by the last day of the fall semester of the sophomore year, and complete the Declaration Form in the Registrar’s office. The proposal must specify the courses to be used to satisfy the interdisciplinary minor requirements. Certification of completion of all the requirements for the interdisciplinary minor is made by the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Ethnic Studies faculty liaison.


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