Dec 15, 2018  

Chinese Language and Literature Major

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Administered by the Chinese Studies  Department.


These courses do not count toward the major.

CHI 101 - Elementary Chinese I
CHI 102 - Elementary Chinese II
CHI 201 - Intermediate Chinese I
CHI 202 - Intermediate Chinese II

A total of 10 courses are required, 6 of which will be Chinese language courses above 202, allocated as follows:

Advanced Chinese Language (6 courses)

Advanced Chinese

CHI 301 - Advanced Chinese I  

CHI 302 - Advanced Chinese II  

CHI 303 - Advanced Conversational Chinese  

Advanced Reading and Writing

CHI 351 - Advanced Reading and Writing  

CHI 353 - Advanced Composition and Conversation  

Advanced Composition and Conversation


CHI 354 - Advanced Conversation and Composition II  

Chinese language courses taken abroad and content courses taught in Chinese.

Chinese Literature (2 courses)



CHI 220 - Modern Chinese Fiction and Film (1919 - 1949)  



CHI 226 - In the Name of Religion: Love and Gender in Chinese Fiction and Film  

CHI 228 - Modern Chinese Literature in Translation  

Students may transfer courses from abroad.

Literary Theory (1 course)

ENG 220 - Literary Analysis  

ENG 391 - Literary Criticism  

LIT 432 - Theory and Practice of Literary Translation (Seminar)  

Students may petition to substitute other courses in literary and cultural studies, or to transfer a course from abroad.

Study Abroad

A minimum of two semesters OR one semester plus a summer of study in China or a Chinese-speaking country is required. Students may combine a formal program with a summer of independent research. Intensive study in the US (Middlebury, Monterrey) may count toward this requirement. Coursework must include Chinese language study and/or courses taught in Chinese, but may include courses taught in English as well. Only language courses and courses on Chinese literature will count toward the major.


A 400-level course in Chinese Studies.


Chinese Language and Literature majors who maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 in major courses and successfully complete an honors thesis will receive honors in Chinese Language and Literature.

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