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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Public Health

Professors: Chillag (Chair)
Associate Professor: Stutts
Assistant Professors: S. Bullock, Mamoon
Affiliated Faculty: Heyer, Ramirez, Wiemers, Wessner


The department is committed to a forward-looking vision of interdisciplinary public health, foregrounding the biological, social, cultural, economic, ethical, political, and psychological dimensions of public health. Public health is inextricably intertwined with advancing justice and equity, as well as cultivating knowledge of local, regional, national, and global forces and contexts. The public health minor will prepare students, whether as members of communities or in their careers, to engage with public health challenges that require critical thinking, ability to synthesize diverse sources of information, and the ability to communicate effectively. It will draw from the depth and breadth of the liberal arts to expose students to key concepts and methods in public health advocacy, practice, research, and policy.

Interdisciplinary Minor Requirements

Those planning to declare a public health minor must schedule a meeting with the department chair.

Introduction to Public Health (1 course)

PBH 110 Introduction to Public Health  

Introduction to Epidemiology OR Introduction to Global Health (1 course)

PBH 280 Introduction to Global Health  
PBH 292 Introduction to Epidemiology    

Elective in Department of Public Health (including x-posted & listed courses) (1 course)

PBH 130 Sociobiology of Health and Illness   
PBH 234 Genes, Environment, and Health    
PBH 250 Public Health Methods  
PBH 305 Public Health and Film 
PBH 306 - Public Health Ethics  
PBH 370 Nutrition, Bodies, and Health  
PBH 395-0 Public Health and Film   
PBH 395-A Current Issues in Public Health  
PBH 395-B Public Health Ethics  
SOC 234 - Sociology of Mental Health  

Structural Inequalities Elective (1 course)
ANT 205 Racism  
ANT 335 Debunking Race 
BIO 262 - Antiracist Physiology and Medicine   
GSS 101 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies  
GSS 360 Transgender Studies  
EDU 371 Critical Race Theory  
ENG 271  /ENG 494 Disability in Literature and Art  
PBH 251 Health Disparities in the US and Beyond   
SOC 102 Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality 
SOC 205 Race and Ethnic Relations  
SOC 217 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality  
SOC 247 Global Development and Underdevelopment  
SOC 250 Housing  
SOC 382 Men and Masculinities  

Interdisciplinary electives (2 courses, in 2 categories)

Category A: Humanities

ARB 250 Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East  
ART 320 Art and Compassionate Care  
CLA 224 Medical Etymology  
DAN 140 Movement Lab 
ENG 110 Graphic Medicine: Drawing Disability   
ENG 110 Literature and Medicine   
ENG 271  /ENG 494 Disability in Literature and Art  
ENV 160 Environmental Justice  
HIS 243 Native Women  
HIS 267 Health & Society in Africa 
PHI 120 Applied Ethics  
PHI 215 Ethics  
SPA 407 - Gender and Memory in Television and the Novel  

Category B: Natural Sciences

BIO 209/CSC 209 Bioinformatics Programming  
BIO 218 Human Form and Function  
BIO 230 The Host-Pathogen Interaction  
BIO 240 Biostatistics  
BIO 261 Neuroscience of Exercise   
BIO 262 - Antiracist Physiology and Medicine  
BIO 360 Biology HIV/AIDS   
BIO 365 Biology of Cancer  
BIO 368 Health Care Issues in Zambia  
BIO 391 Maternal and Fetal Health  
BIO 392 Medical Biotechnology   
CHE 351 Pharmacology   
CHE 374 Medicinal Chemistry  
CHE 450 Seminar in Organic Chemistry (Chemistry of Drugs and Abuse)  
CSC 110 Data Science and Society 
CSC 210/MAT 210 Mathematical Modeling  
CSC 353 Database Systems  
CSC 362 Data Visualization  
MAT 105 Introduction to Statistics  
MAT 341 Mathematical Statistics   

Category C: Social Science Elective

AFR 270 Racial Capitalism and Reproduction  
AFR 400 Research Methods in Africana Studies  
ANT 219 Reproduction and Childrearing  
ANT 205 Racism 
ANT 271 Human Ecology  
ANT 272 Forensic Anthropology    
ANT 277 Ancient Food and Foodways   
ANT 335 Debunking Race  
ANT 340 Medical Anthropology     
ANT 360 Anthropology of Development and Environmental Sustainability  
ANT 371 Ethnographic Writing        
ANT 374 Methods in Forensic Anthropology   
ANT 381 Traditional Asian Medical Systems   
COM 280 Intercultural Communication  
EDU 280 Introduction to Educational Policy  
EDU 290 Oral History: Problems, Perspectives, & Possibilities 
EDU 320 Growing up Jim Crow  
EDU 340 Education in African American Society   
EDU 371 Critical Race Theory  
GSS 101 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies    
GSS 201 Feminist and Queer Theories   
GSS 360 Transgender Studies  
GSS 440 Matters of Life and Death: Biopower and Necropolitics  
PSY 220 Health Psychology  
PSY 231 Abnormal Psychology  
PSY 234 Child Psychopathology  
PSY 280 Human Neuropsychology      
PSY 314 Clinical Psychology Methods      
PSY 303/BIO 331 Behavioral Neuroscience   
PSY 354 Medical Rehabilitation and Disability Seminar          
SOC 102 Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality 
SOC 205 Race and Ethnic Relations  
SOC 217 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality  
SOC 246 Modern Families  
SOC 247 Global Development and Underdevelopment  
SOC 250 Housing  
SOC 265 Population and Society  
SOC 382 Men and Masculinities