Jun 15, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Finance and Administration

Ann McCorvey, Vice President for Finance and Administration, CFO


Auxiliary Services

Richard Terry, Director

Michelle Adkins, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Moises Alfaro, Cook, Davis Café 
Jay Allen, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Neva Allen, Temporary Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Eva Alvarez, Wildcat Den Supervisor
Cynthia Anderson, Supervisor of Dining Services, Vail Commons
Susan Archer, Administrative Assistant, Central Services
Kerwin Astudillo, Executive ChefDavis Café 
Isabel Avelar, Cook, Vail Commons
Sarah Baker, Dining Service Worker, Davis Café 
John E. Barnhart, Guest Services Assistant Manager
Angela Barr, Dining Service Supervisor, Vail Commons
Evan Barrick, Procurement Assistant, Vail Commons
Barbara Barvoets, Cashier, College Store
Rob Berger, Banquet and Event Captain, Much Ado
Tamika Black Morrison, Cook, Davis Café 
Jeff Boger, Davidson College Store Marketing & Merchandising Specialist
Beth Boyer, Cook, Davis Café
Chris Bradley, Manager CatCard Services
Megan Brannan, Print Services Associate, Central Services 
Lisa Bramwell, Supervisor Dining Services, Davis Café
Barbara Brown, College Store Specialist and Cashier
Sandra Brown, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Edith Bultman, Supervisor Dining Services, Vail Commons
Kristen Campbell, Cashier, College Store
Megan Carraway, Cook and Baker, Vail Commons
Anne Cavett, CatCard Services Manager
Stephanie Connor, Housekeeer
Charlie Cox. Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
German Cruz, Cook, Vail Commons
GayGayle M. Daily, CatCard Services Assistant
Krystal Davis, Cashier, Vail Commons
Carl DiMasi, Assistant Catering Manager, Much Ado
James Dixon, Temporary Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
LaTonya Donaldson, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Scott Dudas, Cook, Davis Café 
Bonnie Dunavent, Dining Services Associate Director/Board Plan
Arnetia Duncan, Cashier, Vail Commons
Katie Edens, Cook, Davis Café 
Glenda T. Erwin, Davidson College Store Systems Manager
Edgar Espinal, Cook, Vail Commons
Deja Everhart, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Mary Jo Ferguson, Administrative Assistant, Davis Café 
Laquishia Fletcher, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Shelton Forney, Cook, Vail Commons
Ameila Gabuya, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Angel Granados, Cook, Davis Café 
Hector Guerrero, Production Supervisor, Davis Café
Marisel Guzman, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Keith Harmon, Sous Chef, Much Ado
Misha Harr, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Sharon Hill, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons 
Ashley Hogan, Guest House and Event Assistant
Matt Hogan, Catering Manager of Much-Ado Catering
Rosalind Hoke, Dining Services Supervisor, Davis Café 
Martha Hughes, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Phillip Hux, Dining Services Office Manager
Hai Huynh, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Sebastian Johansson, Cook, Vail Commons
Amy Johnson, Cook, Vail Commons
Amanda Jones, Cook, Davis Café 
Norma Joya, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Karen Katos, Dining Service Worker, Wildcat Den
Bobby Kem, Cook, Vail Commons
Jania Kirdulie, Cook, Davis Café 
DeeDee Knox, Cook, Davis Café 
Julie M. Knox, Davidson College Store Inventory Manager
Mark H. Lewis, Director of Cash Operations, Davis Café 
Cissi Lyles, Guest Services Manager
Matt Lynch, Cook, Vail Commons
Sarah Miller, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Jason Mills, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Craig Mombert, Vail Commons Executive Chef
Mary Mora, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Angie Morales, Cook, Davis Café 
Valerie Murdock, Dining Service Administrator, Vail Commons
Jean Newby, Cook, Davis Café 
Myles Nystrom, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Edwin Pintinio, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Ricky Quiambao, Cook, Vail Commons
Jerick Quiambao, Cook Vail Commons
Bill Reilly, Davidson College Store General Manager
Mercedes Rivas, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Liz Robinson, Postmaster and Manager of Central Services
Andrea Rodriguez, Cashier, Davis Café 
Omar Rodriguez, Cook, Vail Commons
Sandy Roseman, College Store Specialist (Internet Sales Fulfillment)
Hannah Sackowski, Procurement Assistant, Vail Commons
Eloisa Sanchez, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Charlotte Sappenfield, Associate Director of MuchAdoCatering
Ruth Schultes, Administrative Assistant, Much Ado
Allen Sherrill, Mail Services Associate
Kenion Sherrill, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Rebecca Sporney, Bakery Supervisor, Vail Commons
LaChandra Thompson, Cook and Shift Leader, Davis Café 
Irsa Vargas, Cashier
Pinky Varghese, Director of Dining Services, Vail Commons
Nelly Vasco Cardona, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Russell Williams, Catering Chef, Much Ado
Vanessa Wishon, President’s Residence Assistant
Denise Wilson, Dining Service Worker, Vail Commons
Michael D. Wilson, Davis Café Manager 
Claudia Yanes, Temporary Dinning Service Worker, Davis Café 
Daniel Zemper, Sous Chef, Much Ado


Business Services

Lori B. Gaston, C.P.A., Controller and Director of Business Services

Deborah W. Barnette, C.C.M., Manager of Treasury and Payroll
Donna H. Baysinger, Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Susan Caldwell, Payroll Coordinator
Susan B. Fuller, C.P.A., Assistant Controller
Susan E. Jimenez, Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Joyce, Accounts Payable Coordinator
Jackie Pitzer, Administrative Assistant
Catherine E. Richards, C.P.A., Associate Controller
Allen Sherrill, Mail Services Associate

Human Resources

Kim Ball, SPHR, Director of Human Resources

Rene Baker, P.H.R., Assistant Director, Benefits
Tamala Bullard, Associate Director of Human Resources
Gladys Guido Newport, HR Office Manager
Deidra Harris-Lumpkins, Associate Director for Human Resources- Operations
Jennifer Lazarus, Assistant Director for Human Resources- Employment
Dana Lockwood, HRIS Database Specialist
Lorraine Wright, HR Data Coordinator



 Raymond A. Jacobson, Chief Investment Officer

Christopher J. Barrera, Investment Operations Manager
David Demeter, Investment Director


Physical Plant

David Holthouser, Director of Facilities and Engineering

Scott Abrams, Maintenance Technician
Monica Acosta, Building Service Worker
Thomasa Adams, Building Service Worker

Dalton Anderson, Grounds Keeper
Kevin Anderson, Associate Director for Operations and Maintenance
Allen Armstrong, Electrician
Robert Arroyo, Maintenance Technician
Charles Atkinson, Gardener
Ryan Atkinson, Maintenance Technician
Marietta Bailey, Building Service Worker
Lori Benfield, Building Service Worker
Brian Blythe, Painter
Bobby Bost, Carpenter
Deborah Bost, Painter
Justin Boyd, Carpenter
David Brown, Electrician
Eric Bultman, Building Service Worker
Jo Burress, Trade Worker
Robert Caldwell, Building Service Worker
John Christian, Project Planner & Coordinator
Lavern Cureton, Building Service Worker
Trevor Davis, Groundskeeper, Sr. Athletic
Zachary Derberry, Electrical Technician
Robert De Robertis, Groundskeeper
Mike Dimascio, Motor Pool Mechanic
Joe Dimillo, HVAC Mechanic
Jeremy Drakeford, Building Service Worker
Diane Dreffer, Physical Plant Accounting Manager
Robert Eastman, Building Service Worker
Laurie Eichmiller, Building Service Worker
Danny Ellenburg, Supervisor, Electrical Shop
Bobby Eudy, Housing Maintenance Technician
Rosalyn Forney, Building Service Worker
Shelton Forney, Maintenance Mechanic
Bradley Fritz, Trade Worker
Romie Gabuya, Building Service Worker
Cory Gaither, Building Service Worker
Terry Gantt, Senior Accounts Payable Staff Administrative Assistant
Lisa Gault, Building Service Worker
Brian Geering, Building Service Worker
Frank Gibbs, Warehouse Clerk
Kevin Gleason, Plumber
Elena Gomez-Osorio, Building Service Worker
Marisol Guzman, Building Service Worker
Todd Hager, Supervisor of Carpentry Maintenance
Henry Hall, Building Service Lead
Mickey Hancock, Building Service Worker
Rocky Hoffman, Building Service Worker
Sandra Houston, Building Service Worker
Martha Howland, Building Service Worker
Kevin Johnson, Equipment Mechanic
Wendy Johnson, Building Service Worker
Cameron Junior, Temporary Summer Worker
Jeff Kolbenschlag, Gardener
Jonathan Knight, Carpenter
Beth Knox, Building Service Worker
Julie Knox, Work Order Desk
Mark Knox, Energy Management Technician
Kevin Krug, Carpenter
Brian Lackey, Supervisor of Mechanical Shop
Rick Leichman, CAD System Operator
David Link, Systems Analyst
Michelle Lippard, Gardener
Halle Murphy, Farm Manager
Brenda McCain, Building Service Worker
Timothy McKone, Building Service Worker
Brian Meneses, Project Crew Worker
Jamie Moore, Director of Grounds Maintenance
Rhonda Moore, Assistant to the Director of Facilities
David Nance, Maintance Technician 
Andy Overcash, Building Services Worker
Scott Overcash, Central Store Manager
Tony Owens, Director of Building Services
Dany Palacious, Building Sergice Worker
Mack V. Puckett, Superintendent of Electrical Maintenance
Mackenzie Puckett, Building Services Worker
Tyrone Reid, Groundskeeper
Adam Rumsch, Project Crew Lead
Beth Sherrill, Supervisor of Building Services
Sharon Shipp, Superintendent of Building Services
Ronnie Shirley, Project Manager
Steve Smathers, Plumber & Welder
Curtis Smith, HVAC Mechanic
Nikki Steele, Building Service Worker
Carolyn Stevanus, Building Service Worker
Dennis Stinson, HVAC Mechanic
Allen Stowe, Environmental Safety Specialist
Marvin Sutton, Superintendent of Building Services
Cynthia Travers, Building Service Worker
Michael Turner, Building Service Worker
Leslie Urban, Director of Facilities Business & Property Management
Silvia Urquilla, Building Service Worker
Nelly Vasco Cardona, Building Service Worker
Vanessa Wishon, Building Service Worker
Matthew Wallace, Building Service Worker
Tim Wally, Gardener
Jeremy Whitworth, Electrician
Henry Withers, Foreman, Special Projects
Brian Wright, Paint Foreman
Angelica Zea, Building Service Worker


Public Safety


Julian Coaxum, Director of Public Safety, Chief of Campus Police


Vanessa Benson, Sergeant
Chris Bradbury, Sergeant
Duwuan Burton, Patrol Officer
Megan Brennan, Administrative Assistant
Ian Clawson, Police Officer
Stephen Fabros, Police Office
Jan Fortune, Parking Enforcement Attendant
Melvin Snipes, Police Officer
Laura Vanzant, Sergeant



Cameron Clark, Coordinator for Student Programs
Yancey Fouché, Director