Jul 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

Byron McCrae, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students


Tracy Bourgeois, Executive Assistant
Sarah Buchanan, Associate Dean of Students
Diana Miller, Office Program Specialist
Angela L. Harris, Assistant Dean of Students
Jason Shaffer, Associate Dean of Students

Chaplains’ Office


Robert Spach, Chaplain and Director of Religious & Spiritual Life


Ivan Mayerhofer, Associate Chaplain for Buddhist Programs, Director of the Davidson Meditation Initiative, and Coordinator of Interfaith Programs
Sally Fredricks, Staff Assistant
Scott Salvato, Associate Chaplain and Catholic Campus Minister

College Union

Mike Good, Director of College Union and Student Activities


Ayana Crouse, Master Electrician
Emily Eisenstadt, Associate Director of Student Activities
Amy Elkin, Information Services Manager
Chris Lown, Stage Technician
Cheryl Garrett, Administrative Assistant
Shawn Halliday, Stage Technician
Michael Hetland, Stage Technician
Cathy Horridge, Administrative Assistant
Brandon Kincaid, Senior Stage Technician
Finley Krauter, Operations Fellow
Katie Mathieson, Director of Davidson Outdoors 
Alex Miller, Assistant Technical Director
Frank Molinek, Stage Technician
Candace Mulherin, Assistant Director of Student Activities
James L. Nash, Technical Director
Caitlin Reilly, Assistant Director of Davidson Outdoors 
Tim Stroud, Assistant Director for Operations
Lydia Taylor, Stage Technician
Vacant, Assistant Director of Student Activities


Civic Engagement & Leadership Development

Stacey Riemer, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Center for Civic Engagement


Valerie Arias, College Advising Corp Adviser
Kristen Booher, Director of Civic Engagement and Bonner Scholars
Caitie Connor, College Advising Corp Adviser
Katie Craig, College Advising Corp Adviser
Christine Diaz, College Advising Corp Adviser
Bridget Ely, Staff Assistant
Daisy Gonzalez, Civic Engagement Fellow
Itziri Gonzalez-Barcenas, College Advising Corp Adviser
Brianna Green, College Advising Corp Adviser
Lee Hunter, College Advising Corp Adviser
Kanalyn Jackson, Assistant Director of Civic Engagement
Alia Karout, College Advising Corp Adviser
Mary Alice Katon, Program Director of the College Advising Corps
Ann Keating, College Advising Corp Adviser
Olivia Liccione, College Advising Corp Adviser
Finnley Maier, Assistant Director in the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development
Alexandre Moseley, College Advising Corp Adviser
Grant Pecheck, College Advising Corp Adviser
Rosalia Polanco, College Advising Corp Adviser
Leah Rapley, Assistant Director of Civic Engagement & Director of Freedom Schools
Jack Salt, College Advising Corp Adviser
Henry Saussy, College Advising Corp Adviser
Maddie Smith,  Program Coordinator for the College Advising Corps
Tezeta Tamrat, College Advising Corp Adviser
Ava Todd, College Advising Corp Adviser

Academic Access & Disability Resources

Beth Bleil, Director of Academic Access and Disability Resources

Alysen Beaty, Assistant Director
Mariana Gomez, ​ Administrative Assistant/Assistive Technology Specialist


Diversity and Inclusion

Dre Dmingue, Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity for Diversity and Inclusion 

Residence Life

Jason Shaffer, Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life

Hannah Gilbert, Area Coordinator
Crystal Harris, Area Coordinator
Kristen Harwood, Facilities Coordinator
Charlene Kilpatrick, Associate Director RLO
Chris Ndiritu, Area Coordinator
Mary Ann Shessler, Housing Assignments Coordinator
Walter Snipes, Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life
Sarah Taylor, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Center for Student Health and Well-Being

David Graham, Director of the Center for Student Health and Well-Being


Elizabeth Allred, Licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
John Brunelle, Associate Director and Clinical Director of Student Counseling
Kathy Carstens, Associate Director, College Nurse
Susan Denny, Counselor, Substance Education Specialist
Colleen Fea, Registered Nurse
Alexis Fintchre, Counselor, Coordinator for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Outreach
Gloria Fortuna, Health Education Fellow
Jessica Groleau,  Counselor/Psychologist
Shelly Hoffman, Registered Nurse
Michelle Mitrani, Registered Dietetic Technician Registered Nurse
Ann Renfrew, Registered Nurse
Georgia S. Ringle, Health Educator
Jennifer Weber, Administrative Assistant
Julie Whittington, Licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
Paula Wilhelm, Office Manager

International Student Program

Thomas Greene, Director of International Student Programs


Carol Sandke, Program Assistant