Jun 18, 2024  



Program Director: Professor Lerner (Music)

The Western Tradition, First Year
Directors: Professor Lerner (Music) and Professor Dietz (History)

The Western Tradition, Second Year
Directors: Professor Ingram (English) and Professor Lerner (Music)

Faculty Affiliated with the Humanities Program
Professors: Barnes (History), Berkey (History), Churchill (English), Denham (German Studies), Dietz (History), Gay (Educational Studies), Goldstein (Philosophy), Henke (German Studies), Ingram (English), Lerner (Music), Ligo (Art), Munger (Psychology), Neumann (Classics), Parker (English), Rigger (Political Science), Robb (Philosophy), Serebrennikov (Art), S. Smith (Art), Snyder (Religion)
Associate Professors: Ewington (Russian Studies), Griffith (Philosophy), Guasco (History), Kietrys (Hispanic Studies) Pegelow Kaplan (History), Tilburg (History), Wills (Religion)
Assistant Professor: Gonzalez (Hispanic Studies)


The Humanities Program offers two separate course sequences, The Western Tradition and Cultures & Civilizations. The Western Tradition, a two-year, four-course sequence, is an interdisciplinary study of texts and contexts of the West, from the ancient world to the present. Cultures & Civilizations, a one-year, two-course sequence, is a comparative, interdisciplinary study of Western and non-Western texts. In the Western Tradition sequence, classes meet together for lectures and in groups of 16 students for discussions led by individual instructors. In the Cultures & Civilizations sequence, two discussion groups (of 16 students) usually meet jointly with both instructors. Humanities courses encourage and reward clear thinking, speaking, and writing.

Requirements: The Western Tradition

Students who complete any single course satisfy the requirement in Liberal Studies. Students who complete all four satisfy the requirements in Historical Thought, Literary Studies, Philosophical and Religious Perspectives, and Liberal Studies. Students who complete HUM 150 and HUM 151W satisfy the WRI requirement.

Requirements: Cultures & Civilizations

Students who complete both courses satisfy the requirements in Liberal Studies and cultural diversity. Students who complete both courses also satisfy the WRI requirement.