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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Professors: Griffith, (Chair),  McKeever, Robb, Studtmann
Associate Professor: Jankovic
Assistant Professors: Layman
Visiting Assistant Professor: Busch

Cultural Diversity Requirement

PHI 150 is an option for fulfilling the cultural diversity requirement.

Major Requirements (A.B. Degree)

Ten courses in Philosophy, including:

History of Philosophy: two of 105, 106, 107
Reasoning: 102 or 200
Ethics: 215
Seminar: one of 350-353
Senior Colloquium: 451
Four additional courses

The degree awarded is a B.A. in philosophy.

Minor Requirements

Five courses in Philosophy, including two of 105, 106, 107, and three additional courses, at least one of which is numbered 200 or above.


Honors Requirements: A minimum GPA of 3.2 overall and 3.5 in Philosophy, at least an A- in PHI 495, and the recommendation of the Department.

High Honors Requirements: A minimum GPA of 3.5 overall and 3.75 in Philosophy, an A in PHI 495, and the recommendation of the Department.



Rationale for Course Numbering

100-level courses serve as entries into the discipline. They tend to cover a broad range of topics and are less technical than the upper-level courses. 110 is a survey of philosophical problems, but any 100-level course can serve as an introduction to philosophy. 105, 106, and 107 focus on a major period of philosophy’s history. 102, 120, 130, and 140 analyze applied topics. 160 introduces philosophy through the work of a single philosopher.

200-level courses are also appropriate as entries into philosophy, but they tend to be more narrowly focused than 100-level courses. And with a few exceptions, 200-level courses are primarily concerned with contemporary philosophy rather than philosophy’s history.

Some 300-level courses (350-353) are discussion seminars, usually on a single topic, text, or figure. Other 300-level courses are not seminars, but they are numbered in this range because their topics and readings are more specialized than those in the typical 200-level course. Students and advisers should check with the instructor to see if a given 300-level course is appropriate for those without prior experience in philosophy.

400-level courses are usually limited to senior philosophy majors. 451 is the capstone of the major. 495 is for seniors writing a thesis.

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