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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

South Asian Studies

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Professors: Berkey, Mahony, D. Martin, (Chair)
Associate Professors: Gouri Suresh, Zamir
Assistant Professor(s): Jha

The South Asian Studies interdisciplinary minor is open to students majoring in any department or program who also wish to pursue the disciplined study of the history, politics, culture and religions of South Asia.  The principal focus of most South Asian Studies courses will be India, but the region is understood to include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and neighboring territories. 

Interdisciplinary Minor Requirements

  1. Six Courses, including


  1. An international experience in South Asia.  For most students, this will involve participation in Davidson’s Semester-in-India program.  With the approval of the Director of South Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor, students may substitute participation in another approved semester- or year-long or summertime academic program in the region.   Alternatively, students may substitute an experience that will include an independent project supervised by a member of the South Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor faculty.  In cases of financial or other exigency, the Director may approve some other means of satisfying the international experience requirement.


  1. Normally, at least three of the courses must be at the 300-level or above, although the coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Minor may approve alternatives.
  2. No more than two courses may also be applied to a departmental major.
  3. The six courses applied to the interdisciplinary minor must come from at least three different departments or programs.
  4. No more than three courses taken abroad, whether on Davidson’s Semester-in-India or on another program, may count towards the South Asian Studies interdisciplinary minor. 

South Asian Studies courses offered as part of the Davidson in India Program


Contact Professor David Martin for additional information on this interdisciplinary minor.

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