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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

East Asian Studies

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Professors: Lozada (Chair), Rigger, Shen
Associate Professor: Bullock, Pang, Shao
Assistant Professor: Kyo, Mortensen
Lecturer:  Tsai

Students can obtain a major in East Asian Studies or an interdisciplinary minor in East Asian Studies.


East Asian Studies Major (A.B. Degree)

East Asian Studies (EAS) majors gain a comprehensive knowledge of at least one East Asian civilization, including its culture, history and contemporary conditions. EAS is an interdisciplinary major; it requires study of language, literature, history, religion, and social sciences. Advanced study of Chinese language is the core of the major, because the body of knowledge comprising an EAS major cannot be mastered without advanced language study. (Students who become proficient in Chinese by the sophomore year may study a second East Asian language for the major, including during Study Abroad). EAS majors will be prepared for graduate study in East Asian Studies and other disciplines with an East Asian focus. Study abroad is required.


(or the equivalent in Chinese of another East Asian Language)

These courses do not count toward the major. 

CHI 101 - Elementary Chinese I 
CHI 102 - Elementary Chinese II 
CHI 201 - Intermediate Chinese I 

Foreign Language (2)

Two courses above 201 in Chinese or another East Asian Language, or the equivalent.  May be taken abroad.

Electives and Capstone (5 courses)

  1. One course in East Asian Religions
  2. One course in East Asian Politics or Anthropology
  3. Three courses in East Asian Anthropology, Art, History, Literature, Music, Politics or Religion
  4. At least one elective must be a Research Seminar in an appropriate department or an Honors Thesis. Students will consult with advisers to select the research seminar. 

Immersion Requirement

Study or independent research in East Asia (summer, semester, or year) is required. Intensive training in the US in an East Asian language (Middlebury, Monterrey) may count toward this requirement.


East Asian Studies majors who maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 in major courses and successfully complete an honors thesis will receive honors in East Asian Studies.

In the case of an exceptional academic record, together with  a thesis of the highest quality, the department may confer high honors.

East Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

The East Asian Studies interdisciplinary minor is open to students majoring in any department or program who also wish to pursue the disciplined study of the history, politics, culture and religions of East Asia.


(1) Six courses, including

(2) Study of an East Asian language. This can be satisfied in one of four ways:

a.  By completing two semesters of Chinese at Davidson, or the equivalent.

b. By completing two semesters of another East Asian language through Davidson’s Self Instructional Languages Program. (Japanese and Korean have been offered in recent years.)

c. By studying an East Asian language other than Chinese during a semester or summer program, with the approval of the interdisciplinary minor director.

d. By demonstrating proficiency in an East Asian language.

(3) An international Experience in East Asia of at least one month’s duration


  1. No more than two 100-level courses can be counted toward the interdisciplinary minor.
  2. No more than two courses may also be applied to a departmental major.
  3. A grade of “C” or higher is required for a course to count toward the interdisciplinary minor.
  4. Courses taken in the Davidson in Shanghai Program will count for the interdisciplinary minor.

East Asian Studies Courses

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