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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film and Media Studies

Professors: Kuzmanovich, Lerner, McCarthy, (Chair), Peña, Shen
Associate Professors: Fache, Martinez, Miller
Assistant Professors: 
Visiting Professor: 

The Film and Media Studies Interdisciplinary Minor promotes the development of multimedia literacy among our students, providing an interdisciplinary understanding of the history, theory, language, and cultural aspects of film and other screen media. Combining introductory and advanced courses in film and media studies with electives from the humanities and the social sciences, the interdisciplinary minor seeks to create critically sensitive readers of film and media while fostering insight into one of the principal forms of art and communication in the contemporary era. Courses incorporate aesthetic, thematic, and theoretical analysis and include a variety of national cinemas in addition to the Hollywood tradition, promoting the multicultural sensitivity essential to mature world citizenship. Experience in film or video production helps to prepare students to function more effectively and participate more actively in the ever-developing multimedia culture of the 21st century.

Some departments offer seminars or permit independent studies in film and media. Check with the faculty liaison for specific approval (prior to enrollment) to include one of these in the interdisciplinary minor.


1. Satisfactory completion of six courses to include:

2. At least one production course (but no more than two) must be included in the interdisciplinary minor.

3. Only one independent study may be included in the interdisciplinary minor.

4. No more than two courses in the interdisciplinary minor may also be in the student’s major field of study.

5. No more than two courses taken away from Davidson may be counted toward the interdisciplinary minor.

6. A grade of “C-“or higher must be earned in all graded courses applied toward the interdisciplinary minor.

Application Procedure

The Film and Media Studies Interdisciplinary Minor is administered by the Film and Media Studies Advisory Committee. The faculty liaison is Dr. Maggie McCarthy. Students submit a written application to the Advisory Committee by the last day of the fall semester of the junior year. The application will specify the courses to be used to satisfy the interdisciplinary minor requirements. If one of the proposed electives is an independent study, the student shall provide for the Advisory Committee’s approval a complete description of that course prior to the term of enrollment. Certification of completion of all the requirements for the interdisciplinary minor is made by the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Film and Media Studies Advisory Committee.