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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Digital & Screen Media

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Professors: Kuzmanovich (English), Lerner (Music), Lozada (Anthropology), McCarthy (German Studies), Peña (Hispanic Studies), Shen (Chinese Studies)

Associate Professors: Fache (French & Francophone Studies), Martinez (Communication Studies/Sociology), Miller (English), Sample (Digital Studies)

Assistant Professors: Dietrick (Art), Kabala (History/Digital Studies)

Visiting Associate Professor: Mundy (Digital Studies)


The Digital & Screen Media interdisciplinary major is offered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.  Students must apply for the major prior to spring break of their sophomore year.  Application information can be found on the CIS website.

Combining theory and practice as the foundation for analytic and creative endeavors, this major fosters expertise in a range of areas, including visual and procedural literacy, media history, ethical data and network practices, entrepreneurial thinking and design, engagement in participatory culture, and digital citizenship.  The Digital and Screen Media major challenges students to fashion their digital presence while simultaneously questioning emerging technologies.  Additionally the major encourages students to become sensitive consumers and producers of digital media, the dominant form of communication int he contemporary world.  Digital and Screen Media courses draw from broader academic disciplines within the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Major Requirements (A.B. Degree)

The Digital and Screen Media major requires ten courses, as follows:

  • Two of three introductory courses

DIG 101 - Introduction to Digital Studies   
ART 111 - Introduction to Digital Art   
FMS 220 - Introduction to Film and Media Studies   

  • Two courses devoted to production, methodology, or practice
  • Two courses devoted to criticism, theory, or history
  • Two or three additional electives from the above lists of courses 
  • One (for capstone) or Two (for thesis) courses in which students pursue an independent research or creative project

CIS 495 - Thesis I/Capstone   
CIS 496 - Thesis II   


  • A maximum of two courses may count toward both the Digital and Screen Media major and a second major or minor.
  • No more than two courses at the 100-level may count towards the major.


Senior Capstone and Honors Requirements

All digital and screen media majors will complete independent research, an experiential learning project, or a creative project to fulfill their senior capstone requirement.  Program faculty will assist students in the design and implementation of their capstone project.  All students will participate int he campus-wide spring celebration of student research and experiential learning.

Honors Requirements

Students who qualify during their junior year with a minimum GPA and an approved research proposal will be eligible to complete a year-long thesis.  The thesis will replace the capstone experience for students seeking honors.  To qualify for honors at graduation, a student must have a 3.5 in the major, a 3.2 overall, and at least an A- or above on the final thesis paper.

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