Mar 24, 2018  


Professors: B. Lawing (On leave, Spring), Sprague, Stasack (Chair) 
Associate Professors: Botelho, Lerner 
Instructor: Chamra 
Artist Associates: Cooper, Culpepper, Koljonen, C. Lawing, Rowland, Thornton

Distribution Requirements

Music 100W, 101, 121, 122, 141, 201, 221–246, 261, 325, and 328 satisfy the distribution requirement in Fine Arts.

Cultural Diversity Requirement

Music 141, 241, 242, 245, 246, and 263 are options for fulfilling the cultural diversity requirement.

Major Requirements

Ten courses to include: 

  1. three courses in music theory: 110, 202, 302;
  2. two courses in music history: 325, 328;
  3. one course from each U.S. and world music: 122, 141, 228, 241, 242, 245, 246, 263;
  4. two electives at the 200 level or higher;
  5. senior seminar: 401;
  6. applied study (continuously while declared and in residence);
  7. keyboard proficiency.

Minor Requirements

Six courses total,

  1. four from Music 101 or 201, 121, 122, 141;
  2. two electives at the 200 level or higher; and
  3. at least two semesters of ensemble participation or two semesters of applied lessons.

Honors Requirements

The departmental honors program encourages the attainment of excellence in the major. Please consult the department’s Handbook for Music Majors, Music Minors, Applied Music Students and Award Recipients for specific details and expectations regarding each of the above requirements.

Music Courses

Vocal and Instrumental Study

    Vocal and instrumental studies are offered as follows:

     Bassoon-Ann Shoemaker

     Banjo, mandolin and fiddle-Jon Singleton

     Cello-John Cloer

     Clarinet-Bob Listokin

     Contrabass-Jeff Ferdon

     Flute-Amy Orsinger Whitehead

     Guitar-Jim Duckworth

     Harpsichord-Neil Lerner

     Horn-Frank Portone

     Oboe-Janet Carpenter

     Organ-Christopher Brayne

     Non-western percussion-Adam Snow

     Percussion-Adam Snow

     Piano-Ruskin Cooper, Cynthia Lawing

     Saxophone-Seth Carper

     Trumpet-William Lawing

     Trombone and tuba-Brian French

     Viola-Piotr Swic

     Violin-Martha Koljonen

     Voice-Jacquelyn Culpepper, Diane Thornton, Melody Morrison Beaty