Jun 18, 2024  

Finance and Administration

Edward A. Kania, B.S. (St. Joseph’s), C.P.A., Vice President for Finance and Administration


Tammy Benshoof, A.A.S. (Eastern Wyoming), C.P.S., Administrative Coordinator

Auxiliary Services

Richard Terry, A.B. (Davidson), M.A.T. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.B.A. (Queens University-McColl School), Director


Kerwin Astudillo, Davis Café Manager
John E. Barnhart, B.S. (West Virginia), Guest Services Assistant Manager, Coordinator of Summer Programs 
Jeff Boger, B.S. (Appalachian), Davidson College Store Marketing and Merchandising Specialist
Chris Bradley, Dining Services Office Manager
Winston E. Bryan, B.A. (University of West Indies), M.M. (Cambridge College), Laundry Production Assistant
Anne Cavett, B.A. (Louisville), M.Ed. (Georgia), CatCard Services Manager
Derek Cole, Laundry Manager
GayGayle M. Daily, CatCard Services Assistant
Bonnie Dunavent, B.A. (Michigan State), Dining Services Associate Director/Board Plan
Glenda T. Erwin, Davidson College Store Systems Manager
Gwendolyn S. Gardner, B.S. (University of Phoenix), Davidson College Store General Manager
Julie M. Knox, Davidson College Store Inventory Manager
Jill Lazarus, Davidson College Store Manager of Retail Sales 
Mark H. Lewis, A.A.S. (CPCC), Associate Director of Dining Cash Operations
Cissi Lyles, A.B. (Davidson), Guest Services Manager
Craig Mombert, A.A. (Culinary Institute of America), A.A. (Alfred State), Vail Commons Executive Chef
Dee Phillips, B.S. (Winthrop), Director of Dining Services
Bill Reilly, B.A. (University of Rhode Island), Davidson College Store Assistant Store Manager/Course Material
Charlotte Sappenfield, B.A. (Sacred Heart), Associate Director of Catering
Rafael Souffront, Catering and Production Chef
Barbara Vieau, Assistant Catering Manager
Denise A. Wilson, Laundry Assistant Manager
Michael D. Wilson, B.A. (East Carolina), Union Station Manager

Business Services

Lori B. Gaston, B.S. (Appalachian), C.P.A., Controller and Director of Business Services


Susan P. Archer, Assistant
Deborah W. Barnette, A.A. (Mitchell C.C.), B.S. (Gardner-Webb), C.C.M., Manager of Cash Management and Payroll
Jane N. Biggerstaff, C.M.M., Central Services Manager and Postmaster
Sharon P. Broome, Central Services Assistant
Susan Caldwell, B.S.B.A. (Western Carolina), Payroll Coordinator
Elizabeth S. Christenbury, B.A. (Meredith), Director of Purchasing
Lynn Fesperman, Mail Courier
Sally C. Fredricks, USPS Assistant
Susan B. Fuller, B.S. (Virginia Tech), C.P.A., Assistant Controller
Donna M. Hamm, Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Carrie Heyl, B.B.A. (University of Georgia), M.P.A. (East Carolina), Accounts Payable Coordinator
Susan E. Jimenez, Business Services Assistant
Jackie Pitzer, Assistant
Catherine E. Richards, B.S., M.S. (UNC Chapel Hill), C.P.A., Associate Controller
Edna G. Rimmer, A.A. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Cashier
Allen Sherrill, Mail Services Associate

Human Resources

Kim Ball, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.A., Ph.D. (Indiana University), S.P.H.R., Director of Human Resources


Ashley Allen, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Office Manager
Rene Baker, B.B.S. (Catawba College), P.H.R., Assistant Director, Benefits
Drew Chin, B.A. (Quinnipiac University), M.S. (University of Rhode Island), Assistant Director, Training
Anna W. Eagle, B.S. (Wake Forest), Wellness Coordinator
Latoya Jackson, HR Data Coordinator
Dana Lockwood, B.A. (New College), M.A. (Queens College), HRIS Database Specialist
Rick Michaels, A.B. (Davidson), M.Ed., MBA (UNC Greensboro), Assistant Director, Employment
Liz Robinson, B.A. (Middlebury College), Assistant Director, Student Employment
Ann Todd, B.A. (Davidson), J.D. (University of Nebraska), Associate Director

Information Technology Services

Mur Muchane, B.A. (Warren Wilson), M.S. (Tennessee), Executive Director of Information Technology Services


Debbie L. Alford, Technology Support Analyst II
Brent Babb, A.A.S. (ECPI), Project Manager Networking/Communications
Nancy A. Bandy, B.S. (Purdue), Systems Analyst
Michael Barth, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Technology Support Analyst II
Jaimie M. Beatty, B.S. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Database Administrator
Olivia Booker, B.A. (Davidson), Instructional Technologist I
Jeff Bowman, Network Technician/Wireless LAN Manager
Paul Brantley, B.S. (Cornell), M.B.A. (Boston University), Instructional Technologist II
Selah Bunzey, A.A.S. (Central Piedmont C.C.), Database Programmer/Analyst
Peter Carolla, B.A. (Davidson), M.S.A. (Wake Forest), Media Production Specialist
Kevin D. Cauble, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Database Programmer/Analyst
Abigail Creasy, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Systems Analyst
Sandy Crittenden, A.A.S. (Youngstown Technological University), Help Desk Analyst
Connie M. Dellinger, A.A.S. (Mitchell C.C.), Admin II
Nikol Dishman, B.A. (Lee University), Help Desk Analyst
Donna Enroth, Business Operations Assistant
Kristen Eshleman, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.S. (London School of Economics), Director of Instructional Technology
Michael D. Greco, B.A. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Technical Support Analyst III
Mary Jones, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Manager Operations and Administrative Services
Kyosung Koo, B.S. (Samchok National), M.A. (Murray State), Ph.D. (University of Iowa), Instructional Technologist II
Robert H. Lee, B.S. (Davidson), Coordinator, Network Services
David J.Link, B.S. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Systems Analyst
Brian J. Little, B.A. (North Carolina State), Technology Support Analyst III
Lydia B. Lorenzin, Director, Tech Help Services
Kimberly McGee, B.B.A. (University of Texas-San Antonio), M.P.A. (UNC Charlotte), Systems Analyst
Robert McSwain, B.S. (Appalachian), Instructional Technologist I
Julie A. Memrick, B.A. (Russell Sage), Help Desk Analyst
Charles Murray, B.A. (University of Virginia), M.A. (University of California, Berkeley), Director of Administrative Systems
Anne H. Pender, B.A. (Wesleyan), Technology Support Analyst III
Don Piercy, Telecommunications Analyst
Johanna Ramirez, B.S. (APEC University), M.S. (Georgia College), Senior Business Intelligence Developer
John W. Robbins, Jr., B.A. (Davidson), Systems Analyst
Rob Smith, B.A. (University of South Carolina), Director of Network and Systems
Rachel Stewart, B.A. (Davidson), Coordinator of Student Computing Services
Diane P. Stirling, Classroom Technology Administrator
Francisco Vasquez, B.S., (Computer Science Institute, Peru), Programmer/Business Analyst
Sandy Wierman, A.A.S. (Central Piedmont CC), B.A. (Sweet Briar), Database Programmer/Analyst
David P. Wright, B.S., M.S. (UNC Charlotte), Database Programmer Analyst


 Raymond A. Jacobson, CFA, B.A. (Rutgers), M.S. (Clemson), M.B.A. (Duke), Chief Investment Officer


Christopher J. Barrera, CFA, B.A. (University of New Hampshire), Investment Operations Analyst

Physical Plant

David Holthouser, B.S. (North Carolina State), Director of Facilities and Engineering


Theresa Allen, Environmental Horticulture Diploma (North Metro Tech), Farm Manager
Kevin Anderson, Director for Operations and Maintenance
Doug Barrick, Supervisor of Project Crew
Barbara Benson, B.A. (Salem), Director of Building Services
John Christian, B.S. (Appalachian), Project Coordinator
Diane Dreffer, B.S. (Miami University), M.H.A. (Xavier), Physical Plant Accounting Manager
Jimmy Freeze, Interim Supervisor for Mechanical Maintenance
Tony Freeze, Warehouse Coordinator
Terry Gantt, Senior Accounts Payable Staff Assistant
Christine Healey, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
Charles Jolly, Assistant Director of Grounds
Mike Kessler, B.A. (Davidson), Director of Property Management and College Housing
Jim King, B.S. (Pennsylvania State), Director of Grounds Maintenance
Rick Leichman, A.A.S. (Rowan-Cabarrus C.C.), CADD and Facilities Data Coordinator
Jill Lowe, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Staff Assistant
Rhonda Moore, Assistant to the Director
Lisa Moose, Maintenance Technician
Scott Overcash, B.S. (North Carolina State), Central Store Coordinator
Mack V. Puckett, Supervisor of Electrical Maintenance
Beth Sherrill, Supervisor of Building Services
Sharon Shipp, Superintendent of Building Services
Ronnie Shirley, Project Engineer
Marvin Sutton, Superintendent of Building Services
Leslie Urban, B.A. (Davidson), M.A. (Ohio State), Director of Facilities Business
Sam Westmoreland, Supervisor of Carpentry Maintenance
Brian Wright, Paint Foreman

Public Safety


Todd Sigler, B.S., M.P.A., Ph.D. (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Director of Public Safety/Chief of Campus Police


Chris Bradbury, Police Officer
Megan Brennan, Administrative Assistant
Forrest Combs, A.A. (Mitchell C.C.), B.S. (Western Carolina), Police Officer
Stephen Crotts, Police Officer
Carolyn McMackin, B.S. (Guilford College), Assistant Chief
Nicholas O’Brien, Police Officer
Angela Thompson, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Police Officer
Laura Vanzant, A.A.S. (Central Piedmont Community College), Sergeant



Jeff Mittelstadt, A.B. (Davidson), M.A., M.B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.E.M. (Duke), Director

  Marcus Carson, B.S. (Davidson), Sustainability Coordinator and Media Producer