Jun 18, 2024  


Administrative Staff (As of May 1, 2008) 


Office of the President

Thomas W. Ross, B.A. (Davidson), J.D. (UNC Chapel Hill), LL.D. (UNC Greensboro), President


Wendy M. Roberts, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Administrative Assistant to the President


Traci L. Russ-Wilson, Administrative Coordinator



Planning and Institutional Research

Linda M. LeFauve, B.A. (Wells), M.A. (SUNY Buffalo), M.A. (SUNY Geneseo), Director


George Campbell, B.A. (Wake Forest), M.A. (Indiana), Assistant Director



Academic Affairs

Clark G. Ross, B.A. (University of Pennsylvania), Ph.D. (Boston College), Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Frontis W. Johnston Professor of Economics


Leslie Marsicano, A.B., M.Div. (Duke), Assistant Dean for Academic Administration


Ann Milner Douglas, B.A. (North Carolina Wesleyan), Assistant to the Assistant Dean for Academic Administration


Patricia T. Gardner, Executive Assistant


Academic Support Services


Karen Baldick, Department Assistant for Medical Humanities and Pre-Medicine Programs


Amy L. Becton, B.S. (Florida State), Teaching Assistant for Biology/Psychology


Cheryl F. Branz, Department Assistant for German/Russian, Sociology, and Spanish


Nancy Brown, Department Assistant for Physics


Barbara M. Carmack, Department Assistant for Economics


Jessica Cooley, B.A. (Davidson), Art Gallery Assistant Curator


Maria Cowan, A.A. (Lansing C.C.), Department Assistant for Biology


Fern L. Duncan, Department Assistant for Psychology


Jeffrey Stuart Erickson, A.B. (Cornell University), M.F.A. (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale), Slide Curator


Sheena Favors, B.S. (Furman University), Lab Technician for Biology


Kay Hollyday Filar, B.A. (Westminster College), Department Assistant for Chemistry


Christine Healey, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Teaching Assistant for Biology and Campus Environmental Safety Specialist


Anne Herzog, B.S. (University of Rochester), Research Technician for Psychology


Katy Hoffler, B.A. (University of Maryland, College Park), Department Assistant for Music


Brenda Pitts King, Department Assistant for Art


Lee J. Maiorano, B.S. (Pace University), Chemistry Department Lab Manager


Peggy C. Maiorano, B.S. (Clemson), M.S. (UNC Charlotte), Teaching Assistant for Biology


Melanie J. McAlpine, B.A. (Meredith), Department Assistant for Arabic, Chinese, Classics, French, Religion, and Self-Instructional Languages


Glynnis O’Donoghue, B.A. (Davidson), Production and Promotion Fellow for Theatre


Kerrie Moore, B.A. (University of Kentucky), Department Assistant for Political Science and Communication Studies


Josh Peklo, B.A. (Davidson), M.F.A. (Yale), Technical Director


Claire Potter, B.A. (Davidson), Music Production and Promotion Fellow


Steven J. Price, B.S., M.S. (University of Wisconsin, Green Bay), Research Coordinator in Biology


Nancy Randazzo, Department Assistant for English


Kenneth R. Rathbun, B.S. (Texas Tech), Physics Laboratory Manager


Julie Ruble, B.S. (Davidson), Research Technician for Biology


Frances Alexander Scott, Department Assistant for Medical Humanities and Pre-Medicine Programs


Claudia B. Shinn, Department Assistant for Theatre


Margaret Sprinkle, Department Assistant for History and South Asian Studies


Janet Tese, Chemistry Department Stockroom Coordinator


Brad Thomas, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Art Gallery Director


Chris VanRooyen, Instrumentation Specialist


Vanessa Victor, Department Assistant for Anthropology, Mathematics, and Philosophy


Charles Gavin Weber, Lab Technician for Art Department


Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

Scott Denham, B.A. (Chicago), M.A., Ph.D. (Harvard), Director and Professor of German


Linda Shoaf, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Department Assistant


Dean Rusk International Studies Program

Christopher Alexander, B.S. (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga), M.S., Ph.D. (Duke), McGee Director and Associate Professor of Political Science


Cristy Atkinson, Program Coordinator for International Studies


Ann Brindisi, B.A. (University of Redlands), Study Abroad Counselor


Valerie Chicora, Staff Assistant for Study Abroad


William Hummel, B.A. (Davidson), Fellow for International Studies


Carolyn M. Ortmayer, B.S. (University of California, Los Angeles), M.A. (Denver), Study Abroad Coordinator


Carol Sandke, A.A. (Edison C.C.), Staff Assistant for Study Abroad and International Student Office


Anna Marie Siegel, B.A. (George Mason), M.A. (Bowling Green), International Student Advisor


Grants and Contracts

Mary W. Muchane, B.S. (Nairobi), M.S. (University of Sheffield), Ph.D. (Duke), Director


LuAnne G. Sledge, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Grants Accountant


Beverly Winecoff, Grants Assistant


July Experience

Evelyn C. Gerdes, B.S., M.Ed. (East Carolina), Director and Lecturer in Education


Pat McCue, Program Assistant



Gillian S. Gremmels, B.A. (Wartburg), M.L.S. (Maryland), The Leland M. Park Director of the Davidson College Library


A. Jan Blodgett, B.S. (Texas Tech), M.L.S. (Texas Woman’s University), M.A. (West Texas State), M.R.E. (Loyola University New Orleans), Ph.D. (Maryland), College Archivist and College Records Management Coordinator


Annette B. Boston, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Senior Library Assistant/Cataloging


Susanna D. Boylston, B.A. (Sweet Briar), M.Litt. (Oxford), M.S.L.S. (Catholic University), Head of Library Instruction and Collection Development


Sharon H. Byrd, A.B. (Pfeiffer), M.S.L.S. (UNC Chapel Hill), Head of Public Services


Jean C. Coates, B.A. (King), M.L.S. (UNC Greensboro), Assistant Head of Public Services for Circulation and Interlibrary Loan


Sara B. Enders, Senior Library Assistant /Government Information


Joseph Gutekanst, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator


Tammy Ivins, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant to College Archivist/Davidson Fellow


Patricia J. Johnson, B.S. (Georgia Southern), Senior Library Assistant/Acquisitions


Susan M. Kerr, B.A., M.S.L.S. (UNC Chapel Hill), Technical Services Manager


Stephen L. Mantz, B.M. (Miami), M.S.L.S., M.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Music Librarian


Lauralee Whitt McDonald, B.A. (Texas A&M), Senior Library Assistant/Music Library


Judith M. Murphy, Staff Assistant to Director


June B. Quick, Senior Library Assistant/Business Office


Sanford Jackson Radcliffe, B.S. (Appalachian State), Senior Library Assistant/Night Circulation Supervisor


Kim E. Sanderson, B.A. (Florida International), M.S.L.S. (UNC Chapel Hill), Head of Technical Services and Head of Cataloging; Special Collections Coordinator


Denise B. Sherrill, B.S. (Western Carolina), Library Business Manager


Kelly Sink, B.S., M.L.S. (UNC Greensboro), Assistant Head Technical Services/Head of Acquisitions & Serials


Alice G. Sloop, B.A. (Berea), Senior Library Assistant/Acquisitions


Linda Y. Snyder, Senior Library Assistant/ Public Services


Mittie C. Wally, Senior Library Assistant/Serials


AlTonya Washington, B.A. (Winston-Salem State), Senior Library Assistant/Acquisitions


Military Studies

Edward B. Johnson, B.S. (East Carolina), M.S.I. (American Military University), Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army


Stephen J. Kolouch, B.B.A. (James Madison), Major, U.S. Army


Scott D. Louis, A.S. (Excelsior), Master Sergeant (Retired), U.S. Army


Office of Teacher Education

Richard R. Gay, B.A., M.A. (University of Richmond), Ph.D. (UNC Greensboro), Director and Associate Professor of Education


Elaine B. Houser, Department Assistant



Hansford M. Epes, A.B. (Davidson), Ph.D. (UNC Chapel Hill), Registrar and Professor of German and Humanities


Debra D. Brannon, Staff Assistant


Nancy Y. Dickens, Staff Assistant


Lori C. Hayes, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Staff Assistant


Marcia S. Stoutjesdyk, B.B.A. (Davenport), Assistant Registrar


Admission and Financial Aid

Christopher J. Gruber, B.A., M.B.A. (University of Richmond), Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


Susie Abernethy, College Visit/College Fair Coordinator


Marilyn C. Ainslie, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Application Processing Manager


Castella Alexander, International Application Processor


Sydney Barton, B.S. (Utah State University) Merit Scholarship Assistant


Janis Beam, B.S. (East Carolina), Application Processor


Diane Brown, Financial Aid Assistant


Kortni R. Campbell, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Admission Counselor


Alan Chester, A.A.S. (Aims C.C.), B.M., M.M. (Appalachian State), Information Technology Coordinator


Jenny Clarke, B.S. (Virginia Tech), Application Processing Coordinator


Linda Erickson, B.F.A. (SUNY Empire State), Financial Aid Counselor


Wendy Faucette, Admission Switchboard Operator


Steven Gentile, B.A. (Davidson), Admission Counselor


Steve Hairston, B.A. (Hope), Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


Deborah B. Hogg, A.A. (St. Petersburg), Senior Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


Lynda D. Keller, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Senior Admission Assistant


John Leach, B.A. (Davidson), M.Th. (Vanderbilt), Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


Gardner Roller Ligo, B.A. (Mary Baldwin), M.Ed. (University of Virginia), Director of Merit Programs


David Mabe, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


Jaimie Matthews, B.A. (Davidson), Admission Counselor


Irma Navarro, B.A. (Davidson), Admission Counselor


Eleanor W. Payne, B.A. (Salem), Senior Associate Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


Ellen Sizemore, A.A. (Elon), Receptionist


Cathy Spencer, Executive Assistant to the Dean


Chad A. Spencer, B.A., M.B.A. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Acting Director of Financial Aid


Athletics and Physical Education

James E. Murphy III, A.B. (Davidson), M.S. (Georgia Tech), C.P.A., Director


April Albritton, B.S. (UNC Greensboro), Assistant Ticket Manager


Gary C. Andrew, A.B. (Michigan), M.S. (Pennsylvania State), Head Men’s Cross Country, Track & Field Coach


Scott M. Applegate, B.S. (East Carolina), M.A. (Miami), Associate Athletic Director, Director of Facilities


Jeff Arzonico, B.S. (Guilford), Assistant Baseball Coach


Greg Ashton, B.S. (University of San Antonio, Texas), Head Women’s Soccer Coach


Brian Barmes, B.S., M.A. (Appalachian), Equipment Room Manager


Drew Barrett, B.S. (University of Illinois, Chicago), Head Men’s Tennis Coach


Joey Beeler, B.A. (Campbell), Sports Information Assistant


Ray Beltz, B.S. (East Stroudsburg), Assistant Athletic Trainer


Nate Boyle, B.A. (Auburn), Assistant Men and Women’s Swimming Coach


Lauren Biggers, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Sports Information Assistant


Raymond Brewer, A.A. (Brevard), B.S. (Appalachian), Assistant Women’s Track Coach


Meade Clendanial, B.S. (West Chester State University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Football Coach


Richard J. Cooke, B.S., M.S. (University of Richmond), Head Baseball Coach, Senior Men’s Administrator


Winnie Corrigan, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach


Tim Cowie, B.S. (Roberts Wesleyan College), Head Volleyball Coach


Amanda Dawson, B.S. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach


Brenda Daugherty, B.S. (Gardner-Webb), Physical Education Assistant


Will DuBose, Assistant Equipment Manager


Betsy Economou, B.S., M.B.A. (Loyola College, Maryland), Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach


Janah Fletcher, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.S. (UNC Greensboro), Assistant Athletic Trainer


Jim Fox, B.A. (Geneseo State), Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach


Usha Gilmore, B.A. (Rutgers), Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach


Marc Gignac, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.S. (Canisius), Sports Information Director


Brett P. Hayford, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Football Coach


Elizabeth S. Hayford, B.S. (Wingate), Head Athletic Trainer


Ryan Heasley, B.A. (Bethany), Assistant Football Coach


Sandor Helfgott, B.A. (Hunter), M.Ed. (University of Georgia), Director of Physical Education


Jamie Hendricks, B.S. (Western Carolina), Ticket Office Manager


Jeremy Henney, B.S. (Indiana University), Director of Basketball Operations


Aaron Hintz, B.A. (Western Illinois), Men and Women’s Diving Coach


Meghan Hughes, B.S. (College of Charleston), M.S. (Seton Hall), Assistant Athletic Trainer


Benjamin Johnson, B.A. (Birmingham-Southern), Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach


Leah Parrish Jones, B.S., M.S. (Eastern Kentucky), Athletic Business Manager


Leland T. Jones, Jr., B.S. (Mt. Olive), Assistant Director of Physical Education/Recreation, Aquatics Director


Avi Kigel, B.S. (Norfolk State), M.S. (Barry), Assistant Women’s Tennis Coach


Jeffrey Koontz, B.S. (Winthrop), Assistant Equipment Manager


Heather Lohneiss, B.A. (Davidson), Intramural and Club Sport Assistant


Matthew M. Matheny, A.B. (Davidson), Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach


Martin McCann, A.B. (Davidson), Director of Marketing and Event Management


Gavin McFarlin, B.S. (Ashland), M.A. (University of Pacific), Sports Information Assistant


Caroline McGuire, B.A. (University of Richmond), Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach


Robert H. McKillop, B.A. (Hofstra), Head Men’s Basketball Coach


Katy McNay, B.S., B.A. (Appalachian State), M.E. (University of Georgia), Assistant Athletic Director, Senior Woman Administrator


Susan Mercer, Men’s Basketball Administrative Assistant


Guy Merritt III, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Head Football Coach


Jessica Miller, B.S. (Old Dominion), Assistant Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach


Chris Monfiletto, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Football Coach


Ernest Moss, B.A. (Western Carolina), M.A. (Sacred Heart), Assistant Men’s Track Coach


Robert Patnesky, B.A. (West Virginia), M.S. (Ohio University), Head Wrestling Coach


Derek Parrish, B.S. (Ball State), Manager of Intramural and Club Sports


Amish Patel, B.A. (Michigan State), Assistant Football Coach


Caroline Price, B.S. (Furman), Head Women’s Tennis Coach


Joe Privitere, B.S. (Binghamton), M.S. (Citadel), Assistant Wrestling Coach


Abby Pyzik, B.S. (Lynchburg), Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach


Marie Reedy, B.A. (Juniata), Administrative Assistant


Tim Ridley, B.S. (Springfield), M. Ed. (University of Maine), Assistant Strength Coach


Stephanie Roe, B.S. (Lander), Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach


Jason Sabow, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Athletic Marketing and Promotions Assistant


Jeanette Scire, Cheerleading Coach


Sara Shalowitz, B.A. (DePauw), Assistant Women’s Field Hockey Coach


Matt Spear, B.A. (Davidson), Head Men’s Soccer Coach


Jennifer Straub, B.A. (Wake Forest), Head Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field Coach


Timothy M. Straub, B.A. (Wake Forest), Head Golf Coach


Ginny Sutton, B.A. (William & Mary), Head Field Hockey Coach


Tim Sweeney, B.S. (University of Rochester), Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach


Craig Swieton, B.S. (Springfield College), Head Strength Coach


Annette Watts, B.S., M. Ed. (East Tennessee State), Head Women’s Basketball Coach


John Young, B.A. (Williams), Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach


Michael Zandler, B.S. (Bridgewater), M.Ed. (Virginia Tech), Assistant Baseball Coach


Vacant, Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach


Business and Finance

Karen L. Goldstein, B.A. (Tufts), M.B.A (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), Vice President for Business and Finance


Tammy Benshoof, A.A.S. (Eastern Wyoming), C.P.S., Administrative Coordinator


Auxiliary Services

Richard Terry, A.B. (Davidson), M.A.T. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director


John E. Barnhart, B.S. (West Virginia), Laundry Manager


Jeff Boger, B.S. (Appalachian State), Bookstore Textbook Specialist


Lisa Brown, B.S., M.T. (Hampton University), Catering Administrative Assistant


Winston E. Bryan, B.A. (University of West Indies), M.M. (Cambridge College), Production Assistant Laundry


GayGayle M. Daily, CatCard Services Assistant


Cathy DeLuke, Catering Manager


Bonnie Dunavent, B.A. (Michigan State), Associate Director of Purchasing and Production


Glenda T. Erwin, Bookstore Systems Manager


Ken Foil, Assistant Catering Manager


Ruth French, A.A. (Oldenburgische Industrie Handelkammer), CatCard Services Manager


Gwendolyn S. Gardner, A.A. (UNC Charlotte), Bookstore Manager


Michael Henshaw, Union Café Manager


Jennifer Knox, B.F.A. (Savannah College of Art and Design), M.A. (Christie’s Education), Summer Conference Coordinator


Julie M. Knox, Bookstore Operations Manager


Theresa C. Logan, B.S. (College Misericordia), M.S., R.D., L.D.N. (Virginia Tech), Dietitian


Cissi Lyles, A.B. (Davidson), Guest Services Manager


Craig Mombert, A.A. (Culinary Institute of America), A.A. (Alfred State), Executive Chef


Dee Phillips, B.S. (Winthrop), Director of Dining Services


Ed Rutkowski, B.G.S. (Kent State), Associate Director of Cash Operations


Charlotte Sappenfield, B.A. (Sacred Heart), Associate Director of Catering


Michael Smith, Catering and Production Chef


Megan Hollenbeck, Dining Services Administrative Assistant


Sue Toumazou, Bookstore Cashier/Operations Assistant


Denise A. Wilson, Laundry Assistant Manager


Business Services

Edward A. Kania, B.S. (St. Joseph’s), C.P.A., Controller and Director of Business Services


Rene E. Baker, A.A. (Rowan-Cabarrus C.C.), Payroll Associate


Deborah W. Barnette, A.A. (Mitchell C.C.), B.S. (Gardner-Webb), C.C.M., Manager of Cash Management and Payroll


Nancy W. Barrier, Business Services Assistant


Jane N. Biggerstaff, C.M.M., Central Services Manager and Postmaster


Sharon P. Broome, Central Services Assistant


Elizabeth S. Christenbury, B.A. (Meredith), Director of Purchasing


Lynn Fesperman, Mail Courier


Susan B. Fuller, B.S. (Virginia Tech), C.P.A., Assistant Controller


Lori B. Gaston, B.S. (Appalachian State), C.P.A., Associate Controller


Donna M. Hamm, Accounts Receivable Associate


Carrie Heyl, B.B.A. (University of Georgia), M.P.A. (East Carolina), Assistant


Latoya Featherstone, Accounts Payable Associate


Edna G. Rimmer, A.A. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Cashier


Allen Sherrill, Mail Services Associate


Human Resources

Kim Ball, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.A., Ph.D. (Indiana University), S.P.H.R., Director of Human Resources


Diann S. Cavin, Assistant


Ellen Fiori, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Associate Director


Michelle Gruslin, B.S. (Appalachian State), Assistant Director, Recruiting


Pam D. Tesh, Assistant Director, Benefits


Ann Todd, B.A. (Davidson), J.D. (University of Nebraska), Manager, Learning and Development


Information Technology Services

Mur Muchane, B.A. (Warren Wilson), M.S. (Tennessee), Executive Director of Information Technology Services


Debbie L. Alford, Desktop Technology Support Coordinator


Brent Babb, A.A.S. (ECPI), Project Manger


Nancy A. Bandy, B.S. (Purdue), Systems Programmer/Analyst


Michael Barth, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Desktop Technology Support Coordinator


Jaimie M. Beatty, B.S. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Web Systems Programmer/Database Administrator


Paul Brantley, B.S. (Cornell), M.B.A. (Boston University), Instructional Technologist Science and Math


Jeff Bowman, Network Technician


Jason Brewer, B.M. (Miami), M.A. (Radford), Audio Designer/Instructional Technologist


Selah Bunzey, A.A.S. (Central Piedmont C.C.), Programmer


Kevin D. Cauble, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Programmer/Analyst


Abigail Creasy, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Systems Programmer


Sandy Crittenden, A.A.S. (Youngstown Technological University), Help Desk Analyst


Connie M. Dellinger, A.A.S. (Mitchell C.C.), Technology Services Assistant


Nikol Dishman, B.A. (Lee University), Help Desk Analyst


Patricia Dubiski, B.A. (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts), Web Programmer/Business Analyst


Donna Enroth, Operations Assistant


Kristen Eshleman, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.S. (London School of Economics), Director of Instructional Technologist


Shauna’h Fuegen, B.A. (Yale University), M.Ed. (Niagara University), Student Computing Coordinator


Michael D. Greco, B.A. (Lenior-Rhyne), Computer Support Analyst


Mary Jones, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director of Business Operations


Kyosung Koo, B.S. (Samchok National), M.A. (Murray State), Ph.D. (University of Iowa), Instructional Technologist


Robert H. Lee, B.S. (Davidson), Coordinator, Network Services


David J.Link, B.S. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Systems Programmer/Analyst


Brian J. Little, B.A. (North Carolina State), Computer Support Analyst


Lydia B. Lorenzin, Director, Client Support Services


Chase Lovellette, B.A. (Davidson), Assistant Instructional Technologist


Kimberly McGee, B.B.A. (University of Texas-San Antonio), M.P.A. (UNC Charlotte), Systems Programmer/Analyst


Robert McSwain, B.S. (Appalachian State), Videographer


Julie A. Memrick, B.A. (Russell Sage), Help Desk Analyst


Anne H. Pender, B.A. (Wesleyan), Windows Computer Analyst- Student Systems


Don Piercy, Telecommunications Analyst


John W. Robbins, Jr., B.A. (Davidson), Senior Systems Analyst


Rob Smith, B.A. (University of South Carolina), Director of Systems and Networks


Diane P. Stirling, Classroom Technology Specialist


Sandy Wierman, B.A. (Sweet Briar), Programmer


David P. Wright, B.S., M.S. (UNC Charlotte), Programmer




R. Nathan Mease, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), M.S. (Boston University), Investment Analyst


Physical Plant

David Holthouser, B.S. (North Carolina State), Director of Facilities and Engineering


Kevin Anderson, Supervisor for Mechanical Maintenance


Jerry Archer, Director for Operations and Maintenance


Lacrissa Barrett, B.S. (California State University, Sacramento), Physical Plant Accounting Manager


Irvin Brawley, Jr., B.S. (North Carolina State), Director of Grounds and Property Management


John Christian, B.S. (Appalachian State), Project Coordinator


Gloria Cole, Superintendent of Building Services


Tony Freeze, Warehouse Coordinator


Terry Gantt, Senior Accounts Payable Staff Assistant


Christine Healey, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Environmental Health and Safety Specialist


Charles Jolly, Assistant Director of Grounds


Rick Leichman, A.A.S. (Rowan-Cabarrus C.C.), CADD and Facilities Data Coordinator


Jill Lowe, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Staff Assistant


Hazel Martin, Superintendent of Building Services


Sylvia W. McDaniel, Manager of College Housing and Relocation


Rhonda Moore, Assistant to the Director


Lisa Moose, Maintenance Technician


Scott Overcash, B.S. (North Carolina State), Central Store Coordinator


Mack V. Puckett, Supervisor of Electrical Maintenance


Beth Sherrill, Supervisor of Building Services


Ronnie Shirley, Project Engineer


Michael Tabor, A.A.F. (Conestoga College of Applied Arts & Technology), Paint Foreman


Leslie Urban, B.A. (Davidson), M.A. (Ohio State), Director of Facilities Business


Sam Westmoreland, Supervisor of Building Maintenance


Henry Withers, Supervisor of Building Services


Barbara Benson Zaionz, B.A. (Salem), Director of Building Services


College Relations

Eileen Keeley, A.B. (Davidson), Vice President for College Relations


Ellen Henshaw, B.S. (Davidson), Business Analyst and Database Manager


David M. McClintock, A.B. (Davidson), Director of Principal Gifts


Deb Rutkowski, B.A. (Kent State), Executive Assistant


Alumni Relations

Peter J. Wagner, A.B. (Davidson), Director


Hope Childress, Staff Assistant


Linda Kunkle, Staff Assistant


Jennifer Mattocks, A.B. (Messiah College), Staff Assistant


Nikki Moore, A.B. (Davidson), Associate Director


Ginny Rucinski, Staff Assistant


Kendall Williams, A.B. (Davidson), Reunion Coordinator


College Communications

Stacey Schmeidel, B.A. (University of Southern California), Director


Rachel Andoga, A.B. (Davidson), Media Relations Fellow


Gayle McManigle Fishel, B.A. (Elon), Director of Design


William R. Giduz, A.B. (Davidson), M.S. (Columbia), Director of Media Relations


Paige Herman, B.A. (Virginia Commonwealth), Web Editor


Margaret Boykin Kimmel, A.B. (Davidson), Senior Creative Associate and College Editor


Winnie E. H. Newton, B.C.A. (UNC Charlotte), Assistant Director of Design


Anna Prushinski, B.C.A. (UNC Charlotte), Publications Assistant/Office Manager


Angenette Rice-Figueroa, B.S. (West Virginia University), Associate Director for Publications


John Stennis Syme, A.B. (Davidson), Senior Writer



Elizabeth O. Kiser, B.A. (St. Mary’s College), Director of Development


Maria Aldrich, A.B. (Davidson), Director, Annual Fund


Kathy Barton, A.A. (Central Piedmont C.C.), Staff Assistant, Development


Natalie Bombard, A.B. (Davidson), Assistant Director, Annual Fund


Susan J. Cooke, B.A. (Wake Forest), M.P.A. (Virginia Commonwealth), Director of Research, Development


Charlie Collins, B.S. (Stevens Institute of Technology), Prospect Researcher, Development


C. Gayle Craig, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Staff Assistant, Parent Programs


Preston Davis, A.B. (Davidson), Assistant to the Director of Davidson Athletic Foundation


David J. Fagg, B.S. (Davidson), M.A. (Boston University), Associate Director, Davidson Athletic Foundation


James Hogan, B.S. (Western Carolina), Gifts Officer, Annual Fund


Quoinesha Hogans, B.A. (UNC Charlotte), Staff Assistant, Davidson Athletic Foundation


Linda Johnson, B.S. (Indiana University, Pennsylvania), Staff Assistant, Annual Fund


Harriet O. Kessler, B.A. (Texas), Assistant Director, Parent Programs


Kelly H. Knetsche, A.B. (Davidson), Director of Parent Programs


Sherry N. Malushizky, B.A., M.A. (UNC Charlotte), Director, Friends of the Arts and Artist Residency Programs


Karen R. Martin, B.A. (West Chester), M.S. (Syracuse), Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations


Kate Minogue, A.B. (Davidson), Assistant Director, Friends of the Arts


Francisco Morales, A.B. (Davidson), Annual Fund Fellow


Dawn Nelson, Staff Assistant, Annual Fund


Kelley Cherry Sink, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Associate Director, Development


Valerie A. Tartaglia, Staff Assistant, Development


Michael O. Warner, B.A. (St. Louis), M.F.A. (University of Texas-Austin), Director, Davidson Athletic Foundation


Donor Relations

Denise Hart Howard, Director


Mary Mack Benson, Gift Records Coordinator


Shelly Clayton, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Assistant Director, Administration


Virginia K. Dowdy, Staff Assistant


Joan A. Franz, Gift Records Coordinator


Amy Sledge Johnson, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Assistant Director, Special Events


Karen Locey, Staff Assistant


Major Gifts

Matthew B. Merrell, A.B. (Davidson), J.D. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director


James M. Gilbert III, A.B. (Davidson), J.D. (Emory), Director, Planned Giving


J. George Guise, A.B. (Davidson), J.D. (Vanderbilt), Major Gifts Officer


Matthew M. Hanson, A.B. (Davidson), Major Gifts Officer


Parker W. Ingalls, B.A., M.B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Major Gifts Officer


Kristin G. Kelly, A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (Middlebury College), Major Gifts Officer


Louise H. Mohamed, Staff Assistant


WDAV Classical 89.9 Radio

Kim Hodgson, B.A. (Antioch), M.A. (Wisconsin), General Manager


Liz Syverson Barr, Traffic Manager, Marketing Assistant


Joe Brant, B.S. (Michigan State), Operations Manager, Host/Producer


Susan Chiarelly, Membership Assistant


Kim Cline, B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill), Administrative Manager


Francis Dominguez, M.A., M.F.A. (New Orleans), Program Director


Lisa Fitzgerald, (Davenport College of Business), Corporate Support Representative


Jennifer Foster, A.B. (Davidson), Host/Producer


David Holland, B.S. (Appalachian State), Corporate Support Representative


Rachel Jeffreys, B.S. (Georgetown), Host/Producer



Mike McKay, B.A., M.Ed. (UNC Charlotte), Host/Producer


Annie Porges, A.B. (Davidson), Director of Development


LuAnn Ritsema, B.A. (Hunter), Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations


Rachel Stewart, A.B. (Davidson), Director of New Media


Kristen Tuttle, B.A. (Notre Dame), Associate Director of Development for Membership


Theodore Weiner, Music Director


Student Life

Thomas C. Shandley, B.A. (Simpson), M.A. (Bowling Green), Ph.D. (Minnesota), Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students


Denise Allen, Executive Assistant


Ernest Jeffries, B.M., M.Ed. (University of South Carolina), M. Div. (Hood Theological Seminary), Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Minority Student Affairs


Kathy Bray-Merrell, A.B. (Davidson), Associate Dean of Students


Diana Miller, B.S. (North Carolina State), Staff Assistant



Chidsey Leadership Development

Julia Jones, B.A. (Carleton), M.B.A. (Stanford), Director


Kristen Weber, B.A. (Washington College), M.B.A. (University of Delaware), Program Coordinator



Career Services

John E. Adams, B.A. (Wofford), M.A. (Chicago Theological Seminary), Director


Rita A. Baker, B.A. (North Carolina State), M.Ed. (UNC Charlotte), Assistant Director


Brenda Harvey, Coordinator of Recruiting Activities


Julie Lucas, Office Manager/Receptionist


Betsy J. Mclntyre, Careers Library


Elizabeth K. Westley, B.A. (James Madison), M.A. (Bowling Green), M.P.S. (Loyola- New Orleans), Associate Director



College Chaplain

Robert Spach, A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (Virginia), M.Div. (Princeton Theological Seminary), D.Min. (Columbia Theological Seminary), Chaplain


Linda Gurley, Staff Assistant


Timothy A. Beach-Verhey, A.B. (Hope), M.Div. (Union Theological Seminary), Ph.D. (Emory), Associate Chaplain, Director of Theological Exploration of Vocation, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion


Sandy Poole, Staff Assistant


Karen Soos, B.A. (Virginia Tech), M.Div. (Catholic Theological Union), Adjunct Catholic Chaplain


Micah Streiffer, B.A. (George Washington University), M.A.H.L. (Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion), Adjunct Jewish Chaplain



College Union

William H. Brown, B.A. (Davidson), M.C.E. (Presbyterian School of Christian Education), Director


Ryan Clark, Assistant Technical Director


Lynda C. Daniels, Master Calendar Coordinator


Ed Daugherty, B.S. (Davidson), Director of Davidson Outdoors


Bridget Ely, Staff Assistant


Mike Goode, B.S. (Davidson), M.Ed. (Oregon State), Assistant Director of Davidson Outdoors


Rachel Jakob, B.A. (Davidson), Evening Operations Manager


Alex Miller, Senior Stage Technician


James L. Nash, B.A. (Miami University-Ohio), Technical Director


Gina Nossel, Staff Assistant


Solvig Pittenger, B.A. (Davidson), Program Advisor


Jason Shrank, B.S., M.A. (Virginia Tech.), Assistant Director for Programs


Tim Stroud, B.A. (Furman), M.P.A. (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Assistant Director for Operations



Community Service

Stacey Riemer, B.S. (St. John Fisher), M.S. (University of Rochester), Assistant Dean for Community Service


Kevin Buechler, B.A. (Trinity College), M.A. (Wesleyan University), Director of Bonner Scholars


Ashley Butler, M.A. (Wake Forest University), B.A. (Eastern University), Director of Freedom Schools


Linda Gurley, Staff Assistant


Casie Hermes, B.S. (Davidson), Fellow for Community Service


Sandy Poole, Staff Assistant



Public Safety and Police

Fountain Walker, B.S. (Gardner Webb University), Director


Douglas Agan, Patrol Officer


Forrest Combs, Patrol Officer


Jeffrey Heinz, Patrol Officer


Ronnie Hersey, A.A.S. (Gaston Community College), Assistant Director


Stacey H. Hill, Administrative Assistant


Tim G. Ramsey, Sergeant


Angela Thompson, B.S. (UNC Charlotte), Patrol Officer


Laura Vanzant, Sergeant



Residence Life

Patricia A. Perillo, B.A., M.Ed. (University of Delaware), Ph.D. (University of Maryland, College Park), Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life


Sabrina Brown, B.A. (Elizabeth City State University), M.A. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Area Coordinator/Diversity Program Adviser


Debra U. Harrison, A.A. (Central Piedmont Community College), Coordinator of Housing Operations


Judy Klein, B.A. (Mundelein), Security Access Coordinator


Jennifer Knox, B.F.A. (Savannah College of Art and Design), M.A. (Christie’s Education), Area Coordinator, Summer Conference Coordinator


Joy Mauney, Office Manager


Cheyenne Schultz, B.A. (University of Redlands), M.S. (Western Illinois), Patterson Court Advisor


Lamonte Stamps, B.A. (Mississippi State), M.A. (Western Kentucky University), Program Area Coordinator


Vacant, Associate Director of Residence Life



Student Health and Counseling Center

W. David Staton, A.B. (Davidson), Ph.D. (UNC Chapel Hill), Director, Licensed Psychologist


Laurie Bumgarner, B.S. (Davidson), M.D. (Bowman Gray), Physician


Annmarie Carter, B.A. (Salem College), M.S.W. (University of South Carolina), Counselor/Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Donna Coombs, R.N. (New Hampshire Technical Institute), Registered Nurse


Nance Longworth, B.S.W. (East Carolina), M.S.R.C. (UNC Chapel Hill), Counselor


Janet Poole, R.N. (Central Piedmont Community College School of Nursing), Head Nurse


Sarah Prince-Carleson, B.A. (Wooster), M.D. (Wright State), Physician


Anne Renfrew, R.N. (North Tees Hospital School of Nursing), Registered Nurse


Georgia S. Ringle, B.A. (Newcomb), M.P.H. (Tulane School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine), Health Educator


Vicki B. Sherrill, R.N. (Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing), Registered Nurse


Jennifer Weber, Counseling Staff Assistant


Craig White, B.S. (Davidson), M.D. (Harvard), Chief Physician


Julie Whittington, B.S. (University of Richmond), M.S. (Winthrop), Registered & Licensed Health Service Dietitian


Paula Wilhelm, C.M.A. (Central Piedmont Community College), Medical Staff Assistant


Vacant, Psychologist/Counselor for Minority Outreach



Theological Exploration of Vocation

Timothy A. Beach-Verhey, A.B. (Hope), M.Div. (Union Theological Seminary), Ph.D. (Emory), Director, Associate Chaplain, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion


Kristin Booher, B.A., M.A. (Boston College), Assistant Director


Elizabeth Staton, Staff Assistant