Jul 22, 2024  

ARB 322 - Media in the Arab World


This course focuses on various forms of news media in the Arab world such as newspapers, magazines, television commercials, video clips, television serials, and news broadcasts. Discussion includes themes such as gender issues, globalization, the Palestinian crisis, reconstruction in Iraq, the rise of Islam, and education, as well as evaluation of cartoons, advertisements, comic strips, television serials, and films. Students are taught to analyze, criticize, and evaluate media images consciously. Presentations and compositions are among the requirements. Conducted in Arabic.

Satisfies a minor requirement in Arabic.
Satisfies the cultural diversity requirement.
Counts toward the Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor, the International Studies Interdisciplinary Minor (Middle East sections), and Communication Studies Interdisciplinary Minor.
Students entering before 2012: satisfies the Literature distribution requirement.

Prerequisites & Notes
Arabic 202 or permission of instructor. (Spring)