Dec 02, 2021  

International Studies Concentration

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Given the international focus of contemporary problems, students have the possibility of studying how different disciplines contribute to understanding and formulating effective solutions to these global challenges. The International Studies Concentration offers a student the opportunity to pursue a coherent, multi-disciplined program in international studies.


  1.  Six courses chosen from the list of approved courses in international studies. Three courses shall be of a general international or multi-cultural nature; three courses shall be related to one particular geographic area. The six courses, at least two of which must be at or above the 300 level, shall be distributed among at least three departments and may include no more than two courses from the department of the applicant’s major. A grade of “C’’ or higher must be earned on any graded course in order for the course to count toward the concentration. The approved list of courses is updated annually and available from the faculty liaison.
  2. Proficiency in a modern foreign language, according to standards set by each language department or by the director of the Self-Instructional Language Program (SILP). This proficiency is to be at a level significantly above that required for graduation. Students should consult the chair of the relevant department or the director of SILP prior to submitting applications.
  3. A summer, semester, or year during the student’s college career spent in study or work outside the United States. Each candidate shall submit a reflective and substantive paper based on the experience abroad to the chair of the International Education Committee by early April of the senior year, according to standards specified by that committee. Note: In those individual cases in which financial limitations cannot be overcome and thus prevent an international experience, the International Education Committee may assign a substitute experience.

Application Procedure:

The International Studies Concentration is administered by the International Education Committee of the faculty. The faculty liaison is Dr. Homer Sutton. Students shall submit a written application to the Committee by the conclusion of the late Drop/Add period of the fall semester of the senior year. Certification of completion of all the requirements for the concentration is made by the Registrar upon the recommendation of the International Education Committee.

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