Dec 02, 2021  


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Professors: Jackson, Ligo, Savage, Serebrennikov (Chair), S. Smith (On leave, Spring)
Visiting Assistant Professor: O’Malley
Affiliated Professors: Krentz (Classics), Thomas (History), Toumazou (Classics)

Distribution Requirements

Any course numbered below 320 will satisfy the distribution requirement in fine arts.

Major Requirements

A major is offered in art with emphasis in studio or art history. In either case the requirement is eleven courses, to be divided as follows:

Emphasis in Studio

Two courses in art history, one of which must be Art 100, and nine studio courses, including Art 397 in the junior year and Art 401 in the senior year.

Emphasis in Art History

Two courses in studio below the 300-level, and nine art history courses, including 100, 400, and 402.

Cultural Diversity Requirement

Art 102, 228, and 332 are options for fulfilling the cultural diversity requirement.

Honors Requirements

Students having a 3.2 overall average and at least a 3.5 average in the major may apply to the faculty for participation in the honors program.

Honors in Studio

The exhibition requirement under Art 401 will be completed in the fall semester of the senior year. In the spring semester the student will present a second exhibition of new work based on a consistent series and must score a grade of A on the oral examination. All work for honors in studio will be in addition to both the major requirements and the requirements for graduation from Davidson College.

Honors in Art History

Candidates for honors must have a 3.2 overall GPA by the end of the junior year and a 3.5 GPA in art by the time of graduation. For requirements, see Art 496. If, in the opinion of the faculty the thesis does not warrant “Honors,” a grade other than “A” will be assigned for Art 496. Further details can be found on the department’s web pages at

The department maintains web pages that introduce the art department and provide links to other sites of interest to the student of art.

Art Courses

Art Department Course Numbering

Art History:

100-level courses are intended for students with no background in art history.  These are survey courses designed to introduce a large body of work.  200-level courses are designed for both the major and the non-major.  300-level courses technically do not have any prerequisites, but students are warned at the onset that these are advanced courses.  Seminars (not limited to majors) and independent studies are also in this category.  400-level courses are limited to majors in their senior year.


Art 101 is our Basic Studio course which is limited to first- and second-year students.  Students who think they want to become studio majors typically do not take this course.  200-level courses fall in the “Basic” category, and are divided by medium.  There are no prerequisites.  300-level courses are the “Advanced” category, again divided by medium.  To enroll in one of these courses the student must have taken the basic course in that medium at Davidson.  To enroll in an independent study, the student must have taken both the basic and advanced course in the medium of choice.  400-level courses are the required Senior Exhibition and Examination. 


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