Apr 25, 2018  


Program Director:  Professor R. Ingram (English)

The Western Tradition: First Year Directors: Assistant Professor Wills (Religion) and Professor Swallow (Mathematics)            

The Western Tradition: Second Year Directors: Professor Henke (German) and Professor Goldstein (Philosophy)

Cultures & Civilizations: One-year Sequence Director:  Professor Berkey (History)

Faculty Affiliated with the Humanities Program 
Emeritus Professor:  Abbott (English)
Professors: Barnes (History), Berkey (History), Denham (German), Dietz (History), Epes (German),  Gibson (English), Goldstein (Philosophy), Henke (German), R. Ingram (English), Ligo (Art), Mahony (Religion), Munger (Psychology), Neumann (Classics),  Parker  (English),  Rigger (Political Science),  S. Smith (Art), Swallow (Math)
Associate Professors: Chaston (Economics), Cheshire (Classics), Churchill (English), Ewington (Russian), Gay (Education),  Guasco (History), Lerner (Music),  Robb (Philosophy),  Snyder (Religion)
Assistant Professors: Griffith (Philosophy), Studtmann (Philosophy), Wills (Religion)
Adjunct Assistant Professor:  Higham (Humanities)

The Humanities program offers two separate course sequences, The Western Tradition and Cultures & Civilizations. The Western Tradition, a two-year, four-course sequence, is an interdisciplinary study of texts and contexts of the West, from the ancient world to the present. Cultures & Civilizations, a one-year, two-course sequence, is a comparative, interdisciplinary study of western and non-western texts.

Satisfactory completion of the four-course Western Tradition sequence enables a student to satisfy the composition (W-course) requirement and receive credit for four distribution requirements as follows: literature (one course), history (one course), philosophy and religion (two courses). Enrollment is limited to 80 students.

Satisfactory completion of the two-course Cultures & Civilizations sequence enables a student to satisfy the composition (W-course) requirement, the cultural diversity requirement, and to receive credit for the distribution requirement in literature. Enrollment is limited to 32 students.

To receive distribution credit for either Humanities sequence, a student must pass all courses in that sequence. Students may not change sequences.

In the Western Tradition sequence, classes meet together for lectures and in groups of 16 students for discussions led by individual instructors. In the Cultures & Civilizations sequence, two discussion groups (of 16 students) usually meet jointly with both instructors.  Humanities courses encourage and reward clear thinking, speaking, and writing.